We offer a number of family history courses throughout the year. Our one day programmes are designed for beginners who want to start researching their family history. Our five day programmes consist of a week of intensive learning and a day and a half of guided research in the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland.

1 Day Programmes

Our one day programmes are ideal for those who are just beginning their research into their family history or those who are returning to it and would like to learn about the new resources and websites that are now available.

We have two 1-day courses scheduled for 2018/19. Click here for more information.

5-Day Programmes

Our 5 day programmes are ideal for those both beginning their research into their family history and those who have been working on their family tree for many years – we will cover both the main sources and those which are lesser-known.

We have three 5-day courses scheduled for 2018/19. Click here for more information

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Alumni Testimonials

  • The Essentials course for Genealogy offers exactly what it says on the box; a well balanced, information filled course by a highly qualified team leaving one with the tools to take one's research to the next level

    Gary Vincent Winder – England

  • The course was inspirational, well-run and also relaxed enough to be fun. We had great input from all our lecturers and a really lovely group of participants - everyone was serious about Irish genealogy but also keen to assist fellow class members too. The lectures were divided into sections and were unfailingly entertaining and very useful. I think the whole group felt like they had been on a successful journey together at the end of the week.

    Susan Miller – England

  • If you don't actually trace those elusive ancestors, at least by the end of the course you'll be equipped to bring yourself to within touching distance of the world they inhabited - the work they did, the roads and lanes they walked down and the happenings in the world they talked about. Simply seeing the name of an ancestor, written down 150 years ago, on a marriage certificate or a rent roll or a will, is a tremendous thrill. But all the blind alleys, all the leads that turn out to be erroneous, that kind of detective work is also very satisfying. Every step of the way brings the past alive, the past your ancestors live in.

    John Morrison – England

  • Enjoyable, informative and worth every penny

    Rosemary Stephenson – England

  • The course provided lots of useful and interesting material and was delivered by a group of very knowledgeable and enthusiastic individuals making it a very satisfying week.

    Janet Janeway – Gloucester, England

  • We all have a family story. Unfortunately we often only take an interest when our parents pass away. Like me, you probably came across notebooks and backs of envelopes with family information and wish you had spent more time asking questions from those older in your family. Don't throw those scraps out, instead take yourself to a course offered by the UHF and see how YOUR family was part of the unusual history of this island. It's like putting a jigsaw together. Each piece matters. If you're not sure how to put it together, sign up for one of these courses, your curiosity will be stimulated, you will be exposed to enthusiastic genealogists and Bob's your Uncle (he might be!) - you'll be hooked and you'll begin to put the pieces of your family puzzle together! That is a very generous legacy for your children and grandchildren and remember, we can record our information on all this fancy IT paraphernalia and leave it to them on a memory stick! Good luck!

    Charmian Calvert – Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland

  • This course managed to cram a lot into the week. We were taken through every imaginable source for Irish Genealogy and shown where and how to access these sources. Our instructors are experts in their fields and clearly enjoy imparting their wisdom. The course included hands-on sessions - the best being our time at PRONI. I now feel I have a very strong base to pursue my Irish roots further.

    Megan Franklin – Devonshire, Bermuda

  • Excellent lectures, well informed speakers, I met an interested and varied group of fellow researchers who were all totally involved with the course. I learnt so much from everyone.

    Pauline Tohill – Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland

  • Great conference UHF! It was very Informative, well organized, friendly, and fun. Looking forward to my next one

    Suzanne Billings – Pennsylvania, USA

  • The Ulster Historical Foundation's Family History Conference was very well organised. The staff were very helpful in what can be a very frustrating exercise.

    Joyce Edmonds – Western Australia, Australia

Speakers & Staff

Learn about your Irish ancestors’ lives and the history of Ulster with our experts.

Key Resources

Useful genealogy & history books that will aid you in your family research.

Belfast Archives

Learn more about the sources and archives available to you in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Research Advice

Answers to frequently asked questions by those beginning their family research.