Individual Course Modules

What to expect from our individual course modules?

Our Irish Genealogy Essentials online modules offer everything you will need to know about specific aspects and topics in Irish genealogy and provide you with the tools and information needed to discover more about your family history.

They are ideal if you:

  • Have no experience with genealogy or family history research
  • Have some experience with genealogical research, but want to develop your skills and knowledge further
  • Consider yourself a more experienced genealogical researcher who wants to learn new techniques and lesser known sources.
  • Are unable to commit to a longer or more intense genealogy course
  • Want to focus on a particular aspect of Irish family history research that you feel will help break down your own genealogical "brick walls"
  • Find aspects of Irish history/genealogy interesting and would like to know more

Priced at just £74.99 (£64.99 for Guild Members) these modules are available for immediate viewing, can be accessed from the comfort of your own home and can viewed as often (or as little) as the participant chooses to for the next TWO YEARS.*

*Fair usage and public broadcast restrictions do apply