Trace your Irish and Scots-Irish Ancestors

Whether you are an experienced genealogist and have previously visited our shores or are new to Irish family history, the expert genealogists of the Ulster Historical Foundation will be on hand during our conference programme to guide you at the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI) and escort you on guided tours to some of the island of Ireland's most interesting sites.

Our classic 8-day programme includes research in the archives in Belfast, lectures, and tours to famous historic sites and cultural attractions.

Crucially, for the research enthusiast, you can spend all your time in the archives if you wish to do so – the choice is yours! Throughout the week our research team will be there each day to offer advice and help point you in the right direction.

Our conference will also have a maximum capacity meaning that you will experience dedicated one-on-one time with our research team. As our team know the archives and how to mine the information for your family tree, working closely with our researchers will greatly improve your experience in the archives as well as improving your chances of success.

Assisted personal research, talks, tours and sightseeing are all part of the eclectic, friendly and fun mix of Tracing Your Irish Ancestors. Join us for the journey. We will be delighted to see you.

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Learn about your Irish and Scots-Irish ancestors' lives with our experts.

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  • I attended one of your family history conferences in October 2015 and was impressed by the depth and breadth of historical knowledge conveyed during the conference. Thank you very much for sponsoring all of the family history conferences and for publishing books on Ireland and family history. The UHF performs a valuable service that is greatly appreciated by people throughout the world. Many thanks for the work that you do.

    Mary Schranz – Wisconsin, U. S. A.

  • This was one of the best organized events I have attended! The conference was fun, and I learned a lot about the people, history, and structure of not just Ulster, but all of Ireland. Logistically, the staff have it down. Everything works on time, and in a pleasant, helpful way. Presenters and staff are knowledgeable, and committed to helping everyone get the most out of the experience. They planned so many wonderful experiences, and the food was incredible! My scale tells me that every day....Having a chance to meet so many others interested in the same "stuff" made it even more fun. An all around terrific conference - I would like to do it again in a few years. (Trip Advisor)

    Patricia McKlem – Arizona, USA

  • If you're wondering whether to engage UHF's services or attend one of their conferences I can assure you that you'll experience absolute quality. I attended the June 2016 UHF conference and to sum it up - I attended a genealogy holiday. If you want to: meet like-minded people, have professional research assistance, eat really well, enjoy field trips that will show you the things that make Ireland amazing, meet new friends from around the world and enhance your own genealogy knowledge - this is a high quality conference you won't be sorry you spent money on! On top of all that the staff at UHF are friendly, know their stuff, well organised and prepared to accommodate your last minute change (if they can). My only complaint is that it ended! But, I've already decided that I'm going to attend another one in a few years time. Yes, it's that good!

    Davina Hughes – Waipa, New Zealand

  • Great conference UHF! It was very Informative, well organized, friendly, and fun. Looking forward to my next one

    Suzanne Billings – Pennsylvania, USA

  • The Ulster Historical Foundation's Family History Conference was very well organised. The staff were very helpful in what can be a very frustrating exercise.

    Joyce Edmonds – Western Australia, Australia

  • Excellent program for both researchers and tourists. I enjoyed the research and my wife likewise the tours. A most friendly and informative staff. Greatly enjoyed interacting with the staff especially the very delightful historical commentaries delivered as only the Irish can. The attendees bonded well with our shared interest in Irish genealogy and a great time was had by all. Thanks UHF!

    Andy and Jackie Moore – Illinois, USA

  • The Ulster Historical Foundation's genealogy conferences can be summed up in one word: OUTSTANDING!

    Marcia Falconer – Ontario, Canada

  • The 2012 summer school was the perfect opportunity to carry out research at PRONI with expert guidance from the helpful and knowledgeable course instructors. The excursions provided unique insight into the history and heritage of Northern Ireland and it was rewarding to share the enthusiasm of experts and fellow students. Overall, the summer school was a first-rate learning experience that was tailored to suit the interests of everyone who attended. I will definitely enrol another year … this exceeded my expectations but there is more to learn!

    Linda Davis – Ontario, Canada

  • An absolutely wonderful experience! The warm and friendly staff helped demystify the process of searching Irish records and gave me the tools to continue my search on-line. In addition, the lectures and tours painted a vivid picture of the conditions in which my ancestors lived and the issues which prompted them to migrate. I hope to return soon.

    Grayson Parks – Florida, USA

  • This was a well-planned and executed introduction to Ulster genealogy with knowledgeable and helpful presenters on topics of great interest to those seeking to combine an historical context with the specifics of a genealogical quest.

    Diane Crothers – New York, USA

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