Trace your Irish and Scots-Irish Ancestors

Whether you are new to Irish family history or have previously participated in one of our family history events and courses, the expert genealogists of the Ulster Historical Foundation will be on hand during this new programme to guide you at the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI) and the archives around the city of Belfast.

This enhanced research programme gives you the chance to spend a whole week researching in the archives –being guided and supported by our team of researchers each day. It offers you a great opportunity to break down any genealogical brick walls and unlock your family history.

This programme will have a maximum capacity of 30 people meaning that you will experience more one-on-one time with our research team than you would at any other of our conferences and classes. As our team know the archives and how to mine the information for your family tree, working closer with our researchers will greatly improve your knowledge of and experience in using the archives, as well as improving your chances of success.

Trace your Irish and Scots-Irish Ancestors with Ulster Historical Foundation. Join us for the journey. We will be delighted to see you.