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October 2022 Research Programme

24 - 28 October 2022

Through the course of the pandemic and the resultant closures it caused the Foundation has remained in regular contact with PRONI’s management team and representatives from other institutions to assess the possibilities for restarting our genealogy programmes if the restrictions are reduced/removed and to act quickly if we are given the green light to proceed.

We are pleased to advise that following recent conversations with PRONI staff the Foundation will be able to hold a genealogy research programme in October this year. The dates for this programme will be 24–28 October 2022.

Given that we are now in the time of Covid, we are sure you will be very aware that we can no longer take anything for granted and this announcement comes with caveats and provisos that if the health situation changes new restrictions might be introduced and PRONI might even be closed to visitors.

That said, while things could change in the months ahead we feel that with the further relaxation of restrictions by the Northern Ireland Assembly and with the (hopefully) improved access to the archives that we can now look forward to welcoming you visitors to Belfast this October for our family history research programme.

There are a few points to which we would like to draw your attention:


Although PRONI have expressed a willingness to allow our group to visit the archive in October 2022, they have made it clear that they are required to follow public health and safety guidance in relation to COVID. This means that if restrictions are to be re-introduced they will have to act accordingly.

Therefore, to try to ensure the programme can go ahead we have been asked to limited our group size for the October event to 15 guests plus UHF staff. This limit has been placed due to current, and possible future, restrictions on the archive, meaning that PRONI staff believe the archive could function for 15 researchers even if a more restricted regime had to be introduced.

The Foundation has deliberated as to how best to allocate places for this programme and we believe that the fairest way is to offer these places on a ‘first-come-first-serve-basis’, with a reserve list being drawn up to fill unexpected cancellations.

Visit to Dublin

Because Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland follow different COVID protocols we will not be going to Dublin as the restrictions in some of the archives are too limiting to make a day trip of practical benefit for researchers.

Instead we plan to include a half-day option of visiting UHF’s research library (now that it is open to the public) and to offer as many of the other original afternoon optional visits as we can, i.e., Linen Hall Library, Museum of Orange Heritage, Presbyterian Historical Society and Belfast Newspaper Library.


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