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Matheson's Special Report
Stewart Total births: 255

Princepally located in: Antrim, Down, Londonderry, Donegal, and Tyrone.

Total Ulster: 228
Total Leinster: 11
Total Connaught: 6
Total Munster: 10

Fighters of Derry
SurnameFirst NamePage
StewartCapt. William200, 302
StewartMajor Alexander28
StewartAlexander200, 302
StewartSir William, Viscount Mopuntjoy4, 28
StewartWilliam89, 199
StewartJames199, 200

Subsidy Rolls
SurnameFirst NameAmount PaidTownlandParishBarony

Hearth Money Rolls
SurnameFirst NameTownlandParish

Muster Rolls
EstateUndertakerSurnameFirst NameArms

Pre-1858 Wills
SurnameFirst NameAreaCountyDocumentDatePRONI Ref
StewartWilliam"Blares" [Blaris]AntrimConnor will ext.1[8]14?T 700 p.501
StewartWilliam Col.Fort StewartDonegalPrerog. will ext.1713T 592
StewartWilliamBallyhacketAntrimConnor will1848T 502|45
StewartGeorge WilliamK[ ]TyronePrerog. will & probate16/11/1850T 21
StewartWilliam First Viscount MountjoyPrerog. will ext.1693T 592
StewartWilliam Second Viscount MountjoyPrerog. will ext.1728T 592
StewartWilliamNewtownstewartTyronePrerog. will ext.1761T 700 p.491
StewartWalterTullybrickArmaghPrerog. will ext.1760T 700 p.489
StewartWilliam Lord Viscount Mountjoy First Earl BlessingtonPrerog. will ext.1769T 592
StewartWilliamGortclan, RasharkinAntrimConnor will ext.1812T 700 p.500
StewartThomas LudfordBelfastAntrimPrerog. will & probate1845LPC 248
StewartWilliam AgnewEdenderry [Banbridge]Downadmon.1839D 3805
StewartWalterProckley [Prockliss]AntrimConnor will ext.1666T 700 p.488
StewartWilliamwill abstract1761T 277 p.79
StewartWilliamNewtownstewartTyronewilld.1812LPC 289
StewartWilliam(?)WillmountAntrimConnor will ext.1808T 700 p.497
StewartWilliamOld Forge(?), DrumbegAntrimConnor will ext.1810T 700 p.499
StewartWilliamWillmountAntrimConnor will & probate1[ ] (d.18[ ]-1805?]T 889|12
StewartWilliamNew Buildings, BallymoneyAntrimConnor will ext.1805T 700 p.495
StewartWilliamDunacullen, "Culfechury"AntrimConnor will ext.1805T 700 p.496
StewartWilliamCaragan(?)TyronePrerog. will ext.1675T 700 p.490
StewartWilliamCorogan(?)TyronePrerog. will ext.1675T 808 pp.13608 & 13708
StewartWilliamPrerog. will ext.1649T 592
StewartWilliamBelfastAntrimwilld.1797LPC 888
StewartWilliamGurteen (now Clennahen?, Co. Louth)MonaghanClogher will ext.1785T 700 p.494
StewartWilliam farmerBallyhacketAntrimwill & note of probate3/3/1848T 502|45
StewartDalwayPrerog. will ext.1752T 700 p.436
StewartThomasAntrimConnor will abstract1806T 324
StewartWilliamWillmountAntrimwill & codicil18/11/1805T 889|12
StewartRobert [ ? ] (otherwise Viscount Castlereaghc. will & 4 codicils14/8/1818D 665|54-56
StewartHenryKillymoonTyronePrerog. will & grant1727LPC 944
StewartHannahBelfastAntrimPrerog. admon. (I)1836LPC 889
StewartJohnBallintoyAntrimPrerog. will ext.1791T 741|33
StewartJohnTullybaneAntrimc. will1784T 3605
StewartCharlesDerrykeighanAntrimc. will1800T 3605
StewartBenjamin Capt.Prerog. admon. W/A14/10/1805T 877|237
StewartRev. Dr.BallintoyAntrimPrerog. will18/11/1760T 514|6
StewartAlex. George Rev.TullyniskanTyroneunproved will8/2/1819T 877|849
Stewart-Downwill abstractsc.1700-c.1850D 1759|3B|1
StewartAlexanderwill ext.T 700 p.412
StewartViscount Castlereaghc. codicils to will17/8/1818 & 20/10/1820D 665|75A|D [certified c. will & codicils 14/8/1818 ref. D 654|C1|3A&B ??]
StewartKatherinePrerog. will ext.1[ ]20T 282|1 p.27
StewartAgnesSallaghAntrimwill23/7/1806D 300|1|5|30 & 31
StewartAlexanderArdsDonegalc. will & probate1831D 1825|C|1|2
StewartAlexanderBallylough [Billy?]Antrimwill (1739), codicil (1740)D 642
StewartAlexanderBallyloughAntrimPrerog. will & codicils7/4/1742T 514|4
StewartAlexanderBallyedmondDownPrerog. will & probate1845LPC 891 list
StewartAlexanderDrumrayTyronePrerog. admon. (I)1851LPC 940 (list)
StewartThomasWindsorAntrimc. will & probate1806D 1905|2|185A
StewartAlexanderBallyloughAntrimPrerog. will ext.1742T 808 p.13712
StewartEphraimBallyroanQueen's/LeixPrerog. will ext.1758T 700 p.443
StewartFamilyBallydrainAntrimwills1796-1806T 2370
StewartCharles [Third?] CaptainCarrickfergusAntrimConnor will ext.1774T 700 p.432
StewartElizabethDublinDublinPrerog. will ext.1812T 808 p.7788
StewartElizabethDunmurryAntrimConnor will ext.1744T 700 p.442
StewartElinorAntrimConnor will abstract1806T 324
StewartEleanorBelfastAntrimConnor will ext.1818T 700 p.441
StewartEdward Third EarlCastlestewart, [ ? ]henryTyronePrerog. will1856T 877|566
StewartDavidAntrim Regt. MilitiaAntrim[ ]? will ext.1797T 700 p.439
StewartJohn (?)BallintoyAntrimPrerog. will ext.1791T 741
StewartCharles [Third?] [ ]Ballisculten, TermineyLondonderryDerry will ext.T 700 p.433
StewartCharlesLisglinArmaghPrerog. will ext.c.1750T 700 p.435
StewartJaneBallyloughAntrimPrerog. will & grant1769LPC 630
StewartCharlesPrerog. will exts.1740 & 1750T 282|1 pp.26 & 33
StewartJaneBelfastAntrimPrerog. will & grant1840LPC 890
StewartCatherineKillomary, BansardstrughTyroneDerry will ext.1811T 700 p.431
StewartCatherineBelfastAntrimPrerog. will ext.1716T 700 p.430
StewartCampbell WilsonSeaviewAntrimc. will7/7/1839D 300|1|5|141
StewartBenjaminDungannon [Drumglass]TyronePrerog. will ext.1805T 700 p.429
StewartBenjamin Capt.Prerog. admon. W/A1805T 877|237
StewartArthurRamoanAntrimConnor will ext. (?)1720(?)T 700 p.428
StewartArchibaldCoreseagh(?), NewryDownPrerog. will ext.1754T 700 pp.426-427
StewartMargaretGorteen [Donaghmoyne]MonaghanClogher will ext.1785T 700 p.474
StewartLetitiaMonkstownCorkPrerog. will & probate1849LPC 939
StewartAlexanderBelfastAntrimConnor will ext.T 700 p.413
StewartCharlesDonegalRaphoe will ext.1741T 277 p.75
StewartJaneBreenstone & Corrogan(?)Tyronewill ext.1675T 700 pp.462-3, 465
StewartJamesFort CunninghamDonegalPrerog. will ext.1707T 808 p.6339
StewartJamesKillymanTyronePrerog. will ext.1724T 700 p.454
StewartJamesKillymoon, DerryloranTyronePrerog. will ext.1726T 700 pp.455-6
StewartJamesArdigonDownprobate1727 (?)T 1290 (list)
StewartJames"Belesceagh"Derry will ext.1732T 700 p.457
StewartJames Rev.Clonoe(?), DungannonTyronePrerog. will ext.1735T 700 p.458
StewartJamesDonaghadeeDownPrerog. will ext.1743T 700 p.461
StewartJamesCarnleaAntrimc. will18/12/1838D 300|1|5|136
StewartJames esquireColeraineLondonderryc. will[1769]D 971|42|D|2
StewartDavidLondonderryConnor will ext.1734T 700 p.438
StewartJaneDublinDublinPrerog. grant ext.1761T 581
StewartJamesPrerog. will ext.1693T 403 p.83
StewartJaneColeraineLondonderryc. part of codicil[1762]D 971|42|D|1
StewartJaneCurran, LarneAntrimadmon. (I)1818T 2501|1687
StewartJohnGlenavyAntrimadmon. (I)1818T 2501|1720
StewartJohnNewtownstewart [Ardstraw]TyronePrerog. will ext.1730T 700 p.467
StewartJohn GeorgeJamaicaW. IndieswillD 162|39
StewartJohnAnnahiltDownwill ext.1753T 700 p.466
StewartJohnAughenmellen(?)MonaghanClogher will ext.1782T 700 p.468
StewartJohnGertyhill(?)TyroneArmagh will ext.1786T 700 p.470
StewartJohnGortan, AghadoweyLondonderryDerry will ext.1786T 800 p.469
StewartJaneCorroganTyronePrerog. will ext.1675T 808 p.13708
StewartAndrewStewart Hall [Donaghenry]TyroneArmagh will ext.T 700 p.424
StewartAlexanderBallymanagh, Teeharkrum(?)AntrimConnor will ext.1719T 700 p.414
StewartAlexanderBallyloughAntrimPrerog. will & grant1742T 514|4
StewartAlexanderPrerog. will ext.1753T 700 p.415
StewartAlexander[ ]kAntrimConnor will ext.1783T 700 p.416
StewartAlexanderBallybechan, BallynureAntrimConnor will ext.1785T 700 p.417
StewartAlexanderDrumnasoleAntrimConnor will ext.1805T 700 pp.418-419
StewartAlexanderMaghraghAntrimConnor will ext.1815T 700 pp.420, 422
StewartAlexanderBelfastAntrim[ ? ]1817T 700 p.421
StewartAlexander, George Rev.TullyniskanTyronewill(d.1819)T 877|849
StewartJamesFort CunninghamDonegalPrerog. will ext.1705T 808 p.4010
StewartAndrewLissaroon [Lisacreen?]LondonderryDerry will ext.1712T 700 p.423
StewartJamesFort CunninghamDonegalPrerog. will ext.1703T 808 p.7528
StewartAnneDrummens RamoanAntrimConnor will ext.1783T 700 p.425
StewartAnne MrsLisburn [Blaris]AntrimPrerog. will & admon.1824T 810|629
StewartAnnesleyFort StewartDonegalPrerog. will ext.1802T 592
StewartArchibald Rev.BallintoyAntrimPrerog. will ext.1751T 808 p.13713
StewartHugh (?)Ballylesson, BallyclugAntrimc. will1819T 2501|1781
StewartHughHolywoodDowntestamentary papers [LEX potter Killinchy ??]1[ ]65-1800T 1342 (list)
StewartHughKillyleaghDownwill ext.1750T 700 p.450
StewartHughTynanArmaghPrerog. will ext.(?)1789T 700 pp.451-2
StewartIsabellaLondonderryLondonderryDerry will ext.1759T 700 p.453
StewartDorothyColeraineLondonderryConnor will ext.1685T 700 p.440
StewartAlexander, merchantLigoniel, BelfastAntrimc. will1844[ ] 1905|2|88B|1
StewartFamilyNewtownstewart & RameltonTyrone & Donegalwills1623-1879T 592|1
StewartRobertLurgan [Shankill]ArmaghPrerog. will ext.1784T 700 p.482
StewartRobertCurraseskinAntrimPrerog. will ext.1787T 700 p.483
StewartRobertCurraseskinAntrimPrerog. will ext.1790T 741
StewartRobertPrerog. will abstract1800T 324
StewartRobertLislain, ClogherTyroneClogher will ext.1809T 700 p.484
StewartSt JohnOld ForgeAntrimConnor will & grant20/1/1817D 366|283
StewartRobertCurrasheskinPrerog. will ext.1790T 741|34
StewartRobertLislimnahan, CappaghTyroneDerry will ext.1753T 700 p.479
StewartMarySea ViewAntrimc. memorial assignment of judgement10/4/1849D 3836
StewartJamesClonoeTyronePrerog. will ext. c.1737T 281|2 p.6
StewartFamilyc. will1712-1842T 3036|1
StewartMary Angelica MrsDonaghadeeDownwill1830D 971|34|D|7
StewartMaryPrerog. will exts.1[ ]39T 403 p.70
StewartMargaretDublin, now of BathSomerset, NG.Prerog. will ext.1812T 808 p.13710
StewartMargaretKillymoonTyronePrerog. will ext.1729T 700 pp.471-2
StewartMargaretStewart Hall [Donaghenry]TyronePrerog. will ext.1747T 700 p.473
StewartFamilyNewtownstewart [Tyrone] & RameltonDonegalwills etc.1608-1879T 592
StewartDanielKillygore, SkeyAntrimConnor will ext.1724T 700 p.437
StewartPatrickLondonderryDerry will ext.1633T 700 p.475
StewartHansBovevaghLondonderryDerry will ext.1737T 700 p.449
StewartFamilywills & exts of wills & admons.1666-1824T 1029|1
StewartRobertBallymacnish, ArdsDownPrerog. will ext.1754T 700 pp.480-481
StewartGeorgeLondonderryLondonderryPrerog. will ext.1774T 700 p.446
StewartGeorgeGlenarm, TickmacrevanAntrimConnor will ext.1802T 700 p.447
StewartGeorge AlexanderBallydrainAntrimcertified c. Connor will & probate1805D 1905|2|185A; T 324
StewartGuyBolies, ClogherTyroneClogher will ext.1787T 700 p.444
StewartThomasMiddlesex PortArmaghPrerog. will ext.1769T 700 p.486
StewartGeorgeOmagh [Drumragh]TyronePrerog. will ext.1729T 700 p.446
StewartFrederickPrerog. will abstract1770T 277 p.77
StewartHenryPrerog. grant (I) ext.1675T 808 p.13708
StewartMargaretSummerhillAntrim[amplification?] probate of will23/11/1854D 3919|C|22 [ ? ]
StewartThomasWindsorAntrimConnor will ext.1806T 700 p.487
StewartSarahPrerog. will abstract1796T 324
StewartSamuelLondonderryLondonderryDerry will ext. (?)1767T 700 p.485
StewartSamuelShankill, BelfastAntrimc. will25/3/1816D 1905|2|276B
StewartRobertAughnacloy [Carnteel]TyronePrerog. will ext.1720T 700 p.476
StewartRobertGortnagleshinTyronePrerog. will ext.1746T 700 p.477
StewartRobertSkelgaugh, ClogherTyroneClogher will ext.1748T 700 p.478
StewartHallLondonderryLondonderryDerry will ext.1787T 700 p.448
Stewart-MooreFamily[Dervock area]Antrimwills etc.1706-1916MIC 24|2

Protestant Householders
SurnameFirst NameParishBarony

Scottish Settlers in Ulster
SurnameFirst NameTownCountyOther Information
StewartAlexanderMachremoire, RamoanAntrimEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Antrim
StewartAlexanderRed BayAntrimEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Antrim
StewartAlexanderBallyheglisDonegalEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Donegal
StewartAlexanderLoghy, DrumholmDonegalEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Donegal
StewartAlexanderBallenembegDonegalEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Donegal
StewartAlexanderFigart, RaphoeDonegalEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Donegal
StewartAnderwDonaghenryTyroneEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Tyrone
StewartAnthonyDrumoghillDonegalEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Donegal
StewartAnthony (gent.)MondowyDonegalTenants Of William Stewart Laird of Dunduff
StewartArchibaldBallyeatoe, BallintoyAntrimEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Antrim
StewartArthur (gent.)DrumoghillDonegalTenants Of William Stewart Laird of Dunduff
StewartChristianCorkermaine, CairncastleAntrimEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Antrim
StewartGeorgeDonegalEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Donegal
StewartHenryO'Caragan, DungannonTyroneEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Tyrone
StewartJamesPatrick, Katherine - (Clapham), ArdschaghTyroneFrom Other Sources
StewartJames15/04/1627, Coreagh, for his natural life.CavanLord Claneboy's Tenants Parish of Clouke
StewartJohnson of Alexander, of BallylawnDonegalEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Donegal
StewartJohnDownTown and Parks of Killyleagh
StewartJohnSon of Alexander, of Ballylawn, Progenitors of the Marquis of Londonderry, was Granted denizationDonegalEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Donegal
StewartJohnBallyneagh, CookstownTyroneEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Tyrone
StewartJohnAlias McRobertUndertakers
StewartJohnVeaghDonegalEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Donegal
StewartJohnMcAndrew, Ballywilliam (Ballywillan)?AntrimEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Antrim
StewartJohnKillaghtieDonegalEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Donegal
StewartJohnLismoghry, RayDonegalEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Donegal
StewartJohnRed Bay. His wife was Catherine, daughter of Ninian Stewart, Ballintoy, and their daughter, Janet, married Alexander Magee, BallyuchanAntrimEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Antrim
StewartJohnBallymonran, Killinchy, cir. 1620DownFrom other Sources
StewartJohnBallyreaghDonegalEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Donegal
StewartJohn ogeBallycloiskeAntrimEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Antrim
StewartJohn ogeBallyloist, Grange of DrumtullaghAntrimEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Antrim
StewartLudoviclurgabowyFermanaghEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Fermanagh
StewartMatthewDonegalEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Donegal
StewartNinianBallintoy and Ballylough. The first settler on the Antrim Coast. Died in 1621 and was succeeded by his son, ArchibaldAntrimEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Antrim
StewartPatrickTieranonuriertaghTyroneEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Tyrone
StewartRobertBallyneagh, CookstownTyroneEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Tyrone
StewartRobertof Hilton, EdinburghUndertakers
StewartWalterCorkeyDonegalEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Donegal
StewartWalterof minto, TeviotdaleUndertakers
StewartWalterMoneymoreDonegalTenants Of William Stewart Laird of Dunduff
StewartWilliamGent, CooleaghyDonegalEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Donegal
StewartWilliambrother of Viscnt. GarliesUndertakers
StewartWilliamlaird of Dunduff, AyrshireUndertakers
StewartWilliamLaird of Dunduff, 1629DonegalEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Donegal
StewartWilliamTyroneEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Tyrone
StewartWilliamMoyaghDonegalJames Cunningham's Tenants
Stewartwilliamof RameltonUndertakers