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Matheson's Special Report
Montgomery Total births: 111

Princepally located in: More than half are in Antrim and Down.

Total Ulster: 97
Total Leinster: 12
Total Connaught: 2
Total Munster: 0

Fighters of Derry
SurnameFirst NamePage
MontgomeryRobert76, 78
MontgomeryJohn77, 79, 85, 179
MontgomeryWilliam77, 79
MontgomeryHugh77, 79, 85, 179
MontgomeryHugh 2nd Earl of Mountalexander34
MontgomeryRev. Andrew79
MontgomeryRt. Rev. George78

Subsidy Rolls
SurnameFirst NameAmount PaidTownlandParishBarony
MontgomeryPatrick EsqTax of Lands £6 4 6Craigaboy Donaghadee ParishLower Ards
MontgomeryRobertTax of Goods £3 4 0Cunningburn Newtownards ParishLower Ards
MontgomeryWilliamTax of Goods £8 8 0Movilla Newtownards ParishLower Ards
MontgomeryWilliam EsqTax of Lands £5 10 0 Greyabbey ParishUpper Ards
MontgomeryGeorgeTax of Goods £4 0 0Ballymaladay Comber ParishCastlereagh
MontgomeryHughTax of Goods £5 0 0Ballyskeagh Newtownards ParishCastlereagh
MontgomeryWilliam EsqTax of Lands £7 10 0 Kilmood ParishCastlereagh
MontgomeryHughTax of Goods £3 0 0Tullynagee Kilmood ParishCastlereagh
MontgomeryGeorge EsqTax of Lands £4 16 0 Knockbreda ParishCastlereagh

Hearth Money Rolls
SurnameFirst NameTownlandParish
Montgomery Thomas Moyarget Lower Parish of Ramoan
Montgomery HughCarneatly Parish of Ramoan
Montgomery WilliamBunshanacloney Parish of Armoy
Montgomery RobertDunaird
Montgomery WidGortfad Parish of Portglenone
MontgomeryWidGortfad Parish of Portglenone
Montgomery HughLarne Parish and Towne
MontgomeryPatrick, EsqCraigaboy Donaghadee Parish
MontgomeryRobertCunningburn Newtownards Parish
MontgomeryWilliamMovilla Newtownards Parish
MontgomeryWilliam, Esq Greyabbey Parish
MontgomeryGeorgeBallymaladay Comber Parish Castlereagh
MontgomeryHughBallyskeagh Newtownards Parish
MontgomeryWilliam, Esq Kilmood Parish
MontgomeryHughTullynagee Kilmood Parish
MontgomeryGeorge, Esq Knockbreda Parish
MontgomeryRobertMullaghmore Clogher Parish
MontgomeryRobertMagheralough Kilckeery Parish
MontgomeryHumphreyCorranarry Cappagh Parish

Muster Rolls
EstateUndertakerSurnameFirst NameArms

Pre-1858 Wills
SurnameFirst NameAreaCountyDocumentDatePRONI Ref
MontgomeryHenry, Earl of Mount Alexanderwill21/10/1731T 1009|9
MontgomeryJohnc. probate1835D 1905|1|74
MontgomeryHenry, Earl of Mount Alexanderc. will1732D 2223|9|6
MontgomeryJohnBallynafeighDownc. will3/2/1835D 1905|2|244A
MontgomeryHugh, 1st Viscountwill ext.1636D 552|81
MontgomeryJohnBrekaghAntrimwill & probate25/10/1845D 1902|1|27
MontgomeryHughDonaghadeeDownc. will23/5/1701D 1860|13
MontgomeryMaria Mrs S.Blessingbourne [Fivemiletown, Clogher]TyronePrerog. will & grant30/1/1847D 627|193, 195
MontgomeryHughInverAntrimc. will25/9/1701T 316|2
MontgomeryHannahHarrymountDownphotocopy willd. 9/5/1782T 1007|128, D 1594|12
MontgomeryHughDerrygonnellyFermanaghPrerog. c. will & probate1720 & 1723T 1089|63, 70
MontgomeryHughCastle Hume [Derrygonnelly area]FermanaghPrerog. will & note of probate7/9/1797T 1089|63, 90, D 627|69
MontgomeryHughAntrimc. will26/1/1728D 1860|13
MontgomeryJamesCloughinmuryAntrimwill28/12/1844D 1375|8|16
MontgomeryHughLarneAntrimc. will24/6/1770D 1860|13
MontgomeryHughLarneAntrimc. will & probate24/6/1772D 282|27
MontgomeryHugh, merchantLarneAntrimwill & grant10/10/1778T 502|76
MontgomeryJohnBelfast [Shankill]Antrimc. will11/5/1724D 1860|13
MontgomeryGawenBelfast [Shankill]Antrimc. will & probate27/6/1821MIC 61 (see list)
MontgomeryJohnDunairdAntrimc. will1779D 1860|13
MontgomeryMaria DelorasArton LodgeMiddlesex, EnglandPrerog. (cantab) will & grant (Blessingbourne family)18/10/1842D 627|168 (
MontgomeryJamesBelfast [Shankill]AntrimPrerog. will15/2/1798T 889|10
MontgomeryJohnBallynafeighDownc. will8/2/1834MIC 61 (see list), T 2590|7
MontgomeryHughBlessingbourne [Fivemiletown, Clogher]TyronePrerog. will codicil & note of probate22/3/1838T 1089|120
MontgomeryJanetDunairdAntrimc. will1740D 1860|13
MontgomeryJamesCrohillAntrimc. will1728D 1860|13
MontgomeryJane(?) or James(?)Belfast [Shankill]Antrimprobate16/6/1840T 1009|329
MontgomeryMaryDublinDublinPrerog. (?) will31/1/1837T 877|479
MontgomeryRobertDerrybruskFermanaghc. will & probate1731T 1089|63, 75
MontgomerySalsbury W.Prerog. c. will24/11/1781T 524|27
MontgomerySamuelKilbride & DonegoreAntrimcert. c. will24/3/1847D 1902|7
MontgomerySamuelAntrimConnor will & grant14/11/1848T 162
MontgomerySusannaCarrickmacrossMonaghanext. from will proved17/4/1723T 1089|63
MontgomeryThomasDrumcroDownPrerog. will27/6/1848T 1009|393A
MontgomeryWilliamCrosslegdrumAntrimc. will1723D 1860|13
MontgomeryWilliamBelfast [Shankill]Antrimc. will1723D 1860|13
MontgomeryWilliamHillsboroughDownPrerog. will & grant6/12/1799T 1030, 35, 36
MontgomeryWilliamLisbellaw [Cleenish]FermanaghPrerog. will & grant23/3/1844D 580|532
MontgomeryAlexanderInverDonegalc. will & probate23/12/1848D 4085|B|4
MontgomeryCatherineLocust LodgeDownc. will attached to admon.25/4/1853MIC 61 (see list)

Protestant Householders
SurnameFirst NameParishBarony

Scottish Settlers in Ulster
SurnameFirst NameTownCountyOther Information
MontgomeryAdamCarpenterDownFrom other Sources
MontgomeryAdamGent, Ballyalton, Comber, 1610DownFrom other Sources
MontgomeryDavidDownBangor and Vicinity
MontgomeryGilbertTullonafertTyroneEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Tyrone
MontgomeryGilbertTyroneClogher, Co. Tyrone
MontgomeryHughGranshaw, Donaghadee, son of John, who, with his family were murdered by Wood-KerneDownEstate of Hugh Montgomery Lord of Ards
MontgomeryHugh1st ViscountDownEstate of Hugh Montgomery Lord of Ards
MontgomeryHughTyroneClogher, Co. Tyrone
MontgomeryHughAntrimSir Foulke Conway's Estate Original Settlers In Lisburn
MontgomeryHughIslandmore, Greyabbey, 1629DownFrom other Sources
MontgomeryJamesTyroneClogher, Co. Tyrone
MontgomeryJamesTullonafertTyroneEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Tyrone
MontgomeryJeanWife of Hugh, son and heir to Lord Montgomery, and eldest daughter of Sir William Alexander, Secretary of State for ScotlandDownEstate of Hugh Montgomery Lord of Ards
MontgomeryJohnBallymagorryTyroneEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Tyrone
MontgomeryJohnRoddens, InnishargieDownEstate of Lord Claneboy
MontgomeryJohnFor a term 7 to 19 years ( between the year 1617 and 1627)TyroneSir William Stewart's Tenants
MontgomeryJohnBallyrolly, DonaghadeeDownFrom other Sources
MontgomeryJohnTyroneClogher, Co. Tyrone
MontgomeryJohnBallynacross, DonaghadeeDownEstate of Hugh Montgomery Lord of Ards
MontgomeryLadyElizabethDownEstate of Hugh Montgomery Lord of Ards
MontgomeryMatthewDonaghadeeDownEstate of Hugh Montgomery Lord of Ards
MontgomeryPatrickCraigboy, DonaghadeeDownEstate of Hugh Montgomery Lord of Ards
MontgomeryRobertDonaghadeeDownEstate of Hugh Montgomery Lord of Ards
MontgomeryRobertAughinlogherFermanaghEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Fermanagh
MontgomeryRobertEdenacananyArmaghEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Armagh
MontgomeryRobertMoneglasseDonegalEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Donegal
MontgomerySarahnee Maxwell, Viscountess ArdsDownEstate of Hugh Montgomery Lord of Ards
MontgomeryThomasNewtownardsDownFrom other Sources
MontgomeryThomasCarrickfergusAntrimEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Antrim
MontgomeryWilliamBallyhaft, NewtownardsDownFrom other Sources
MontgomeryWilliamDonaghadee, 1620, Writer, Burges of IrvineDownFrom other Sources
MontgomeryWilliamDonaghadeeDownEstate of Hugh Montgomery Lord of Ards