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Matheson's Special Report
Knox Total births: 45

Princepally located in: Antrim.

Total Ulster: 32
Total Leinster: 5
Total Connaught: 2
Total Munster: 6

Fighters of Derry
SurnameFirst NamePage

Subsidy Rolls
SurnameFirst NameAmount PaidTownlandParishBarony

Hearth Money Rolls
SurnameFirst NameTownlandParish
Knox Robert Lisburn Town and Parish
Knox JohnAppletee
Knox OughtreyTawnybrack Parish of Connor
Knox JoMullaghboy
Knox RobertMullaghboy
KnoxWilliamDrumenny Donaghedy Parish
KnoxJamesCoolermoney Leckpatrick Parish
KnoxGeorgeLiskinbwee Camus Parish

Muster Rolls
EstateUndertakerSurnameFirst NameArms
GlennarmeEarl of AntrimKnoxNicholasNo Armes
GlennarmeEarl of AntrimKnoxJohnSwords Only

Pre-1858 Wills
SurnameFirst NameAreaCountyDocumentDatePRONI Ref
KnoxRobert Rev.Exorna DunboeL'derryDerry will ext.1746T 808 p.8869
KnoxJohn esq.SligoSligoPrerog. will ext.1759T 808 p.8873
KnoxJohnClogher admon. bond ext.1661T 808 p.8882
KnoxJosephDrumrath(?) [Drumneth?, Magherally]Downwill21/5/1823T 2178|3
KnoxJosephDrumrath(?) [Drumneth?, Magherally]will5/11/1826T 2178|1|4
KnoxThomasBelfast [Shankill]AntrimConnor will ext.d. 1706T 808 p.8887
KnoxRobertGrange [Clogher?]TyroneClogher admon. bond ext.1741T 808 p.8882
KnoxThomasPrerog. will ext.1721T 280 p.22
KnoxJohnRathfriland [Drumgath]DownPrerog. will ext.1733T 808 p.8881, T 681 Gordon XXIX
KnoxThomasDungannon [Drumglass]TyronePrerog. will ext.1728T 808 p.8884
KnoxJohnRingdufferin [Killyleagh]DownPrerog. admon. ext.1718T 808 p.8880
KnoxThomas esq.Lougheske [Killyman]DonegalPrerog. will ext.1721T 808 p.6322
KnoxThomas esq.Mountcharles [Inver]DonegalPrerog. will ext.1718 [1717]T 808 p.8875
KnoxThomasLougheske [Killyman]DonegalPrerog. admon. ext.1721T 808 p.8880
KnoxRobert, gentBallykernan(?) [Ballyhiernan, Clondavaddog]DonegalPrerog. will ext.1712T 808 p.8874
KnoxHenry W.Tutness ParkBerkshire, Englandwill1802T 464
KnoxAndrewBallymoneyAntrimConnor will ext.1706T 808 p.8865
KnoxAndrewRasharkinAntrimConnor admon. bond ext.1717T 808 p.8863
KnoxAndrew Capt. Brig. Croft's regt. DragoonsPrerog. will ext.1721T 808 pp.8871 & 13214
KnoxAndrew esq.Prehen, ClondermotL'derryPrerog. will & grant10/5/1772D 705|2
KnoxCharles Capt. , Hon. Gustavus Hamilton's regt of footPrerog. admon. ext.1704T 808 pp.6315, 8877
KnoxJohnRaphoeDonegalPrerog. admon. ext.1722T 808 p.8880
KnoxGeorgeDublinDublinwilld. 1823T 877|852
KnoxJohnFinvoyAntrimConnor will ext.1731T 808 p.8864
KnoxJamesRathfriland [Drumgath]DownDromore will ext.1713T 808 p.8912
KnoxJames Spencer, Chancellor of Diocese of DerryL'derryDerry (?) will & probate1822D 658|2
KnoxJaneArdquinDownDown will ext.1744T 808 pp.8888, 8912
KnoxThomasArmaghArmaghc. wills & codicils & probate21/7/1842D 889|2|33
KnoxJohn Rev.Glaslough [Doagh]MonaghanClogher will ext.1721T 808 pp.8870, 13214
KnoxThomasDungannon [Drumglass]Tyronewill ext.1769T 446
KnoxFrancis Rev.MucknoMonaghanClogher admon. ext.1740T 808 p.8872
KnoxNicholasMonaghanMonaghanClogher admon. bond ext.1761T 808 p.8890
KnoxAlex(?)Portrush [Ballywillin]AntrimDerry will ext.1820T 1021|6 p.12
Knoxfamilywills & dateT 1278|11
KnoxWilliamAshmoyne(?)Donegalc. will3/8/1710D 3045|4|1|25
KnoxRebeccaDublinDublinc. will1766D 3045|4|1|50
KnoxAlexanderBallybofey [Stranorlar]Donegaltranscript copy will12/11/1753D 3045|4|1|43
KnoxThomasMagherallyDownwill & probate17/12/1774T 1278|1|2
KnoxHenry WaringTutness(?) ParkBerkshire, Englandc. will1802D 971|42|A|11|5, T 484
KnoxThomasClogher will ext.1761T 808 p.8890
KnoxAlexander, gentBallybofey [Stranorlar]DonegalPrerog. will ext.1756T 808 p.8879
Knox"Randfulie" Major, East India CompanyIndiaPrerog. will ext.1765T 808 p.8917
KnoxMitchelburne(?) , merchantSligoSligoPrerog. will ext.1756T 808 p.8871
KnoxMathewRaphoeDonegaladmon. bond ext.1697T 808 p.6394
KnoxWilliamColeraineL'derryConnor will ext.1730T 808 pp.8870, 8910
KnoxWilliamRaphoe ParkDonegalDerry admon. bond ext.14/6/1700T 1029 p.19
KnoxWilliamConneragh(?)DownPrerog. admon. ext.1663T 808 p.8881, T 618 Gordan XXIX
KnoxVesey Hon.Bernagh [Killyman]TyronePrerog. will & grant1830T 877|422
KnoxTimothy Mullan(?)Aghadowey ParkL'derryDerry will ext.1806T 1021|6 p.12
KnoxAlexanderDublinDublinPrerog. will & grant1831T 810|373 (LPC)
KnoxThomasDrumneth(?) [Magherally]Downwill15/2/1830T 1278|5
KnoxSusanna (alias McMurtrey?)Ballyvernstown [Glynn]AntrimConnor will ext.1727T 808 p.8911

Protestant Householders
SurnameFirst NameParishBarony

Scottish Settlers in Ulster
SurnameFirst NameTownCountyOther Information
KnoxAndrewBishop of RaphoeDonegalEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Donegal