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Matheson's Special Report
Hamilton Total births: 167

Princepally located in: Antrim, Down, Tyrone and Londonderry.

Total Ulster: 143
Total Leinster: 10
Total Connaught: 6
Total Munster: 8

Fighters of Derry
SurnameFirst NamePage
HamiltonWilliam231, 232, 233, 234
HamiltonJames, 4th Earl of Abercorn230, 231, 232, 233, 234
HamiltonJames, Duke of Abercorn229
HamiltonJohn231, 232, 233, 234
HamiltonLord George234
HamiltonPatrick232, 233
HamiltonRobert232, 233
HamiltonCharles, 5th Earl of Abercorn265
HamiltonGeorge230, 265
HamiltonCharles232, 234
HamiltonAndrew231, 234
HamiltonSir Frederick231
HamiltonClaud, Baron Strabane228, 264
HamiltonArchibald232, 233

Subsidy Rolls
SurnameFirst NameAmount PaidTownlandParishBarony
HamiltonJames (gent)Tax of Land £1 0 0Ballygally Inch ParishLecale
HamiltonJames (Gent)Tax of Land £3 0 0Lisnamaul Down ParishLecale
HamiltonWilliam (Esq)Tax of Lands £4 0 0 Bright ParsihLecale
HamiltonAllenTax of Goods £4 0 0Kiltaghlin Bright ParsihLecale
HamiltonJohnTax of Goods £5 2 0 Downpatrick TownDownLecale
HamiltonJohnTax of Goods £4 0 0Ballyvarnet Bangor ParishLower Ards
HamiltonAndrew (Sen)Tax of Goods £5 10 0GroomsportGroomsportLower Ards
HamiltonDavidTax of Goods £4 10 0Groomsport Bangor ParishLower Ards
HamiltonRobertTax of Goods £10 10 0Ballygrot Bangor ParishLower Castlereagh
HamiltonJames EsqTax of Lands £4 0 0 Parish of Ardquin and SlanesUpper Ards
HamiltonHughTax of Goods £6 0 0Glanowry Ballywalter ParishUpper Ards
HamiltonJohnTax of Goods £3 12 0Ballymagone Ballywalter ParishUpper Ards
HamiltonJohnTax of Goods £3 18 0Dunlady Dundonald ParishCastlereagh
HamiltonGawenTax of Goods £3 12 0Lisowen Saintfield ParishCastlereagh
HamiltonJohnTax of Goods £3 0 0Ballynichol Comber ParishCastlereagh
HamiltonWilliamTax of Goods £4 9 0Killinchy Killinchy ParishDuffran (half Barony)

Hearth Money Rolls
SurnameFirst NameTownlandParish
Hamilton AndrewKnockmacolusky Parish of Culfeightrin
Hamilton JohnKnockmacolusky Parish of Culfeightrin
Hamilton GeorgeMonkstown
Hamilton JohnScotch Quarter of Carrickfergus
Hamilton RobertGransha
Hamilton JohnBallyvallagh Parish of Raloo
Hamilton WidDunluce
Hamilton JamesTullaghgore
Hamilton WilliamCurramoney
Hamilton James Killagan
Hamilton Archey Gortnagallon
Hamilton WidowKilcorrig Parish of Magheragall
Hamilton JamesBallynadolly Parish of Magheragall
Hamilton JamesAntrim Parish of Antrim
Hamilton HughBallycloghan Parish of Skerry
Hamilton RobertMoyadan Parish of Nilteen Grange
Hamilton JohnDoagh Parish of Grange
Hamilton JamesBallygelly
Hamilton WilliamEdenvaleParish of Shilvodan Grange
Hamilton JamesDrumkeeran Parish of Shilvodan Grange
Hamilton Captain JamesBallygroob Parish of Drummaul
Hamilton AllexStaffordstown Parish of Duneane
Hamilton JosephMoneyglass Parish of Duneane
HamiltonJohnMoneyrod Praish of Drummaul
Hamilton JamesTaylorstown Parish of Grange
Hamilton JohnPortglenone Parish of Portglenone
Hamilton RichardPortglenone Parish of Portglenone
Hamilton GillDrumramer Parish of Ahoghill
Hamilton AndrewDrummaul Parish of Drummaull
HamiltonJamesBallygally Inch Parish
HamiltonJamesLisnamaul Down Parish
HamiltonWilliamLecale Bright Parsih
HamiltonAllenKiltaghlin Bright Parsih
HamiltonJohn Downpatrick TownLecale
HamiltonJohnBallyvarnet Bangor Parish
HamiltonAndrewGroomsport Bangor Parish
HamiltonDavidGroomsport Bangor Parish
HamiltonRobertBallygrot Bangor Parish
HamiltonJames Parish of Ardquin and Slanes
HamiltonHughGlanowry Ballywalter Parish
HamiltonJohnBallymagone Ballywalter Parish
HamiltonJohnDunlady Dundonald Parish
HamiltonGawenLisowen Saintfield Parish
HamiltonJohnBallynichol Comber Parish
HamiltonWilliamKillinchy Killinchy Parish
HamiltonHancCoolageery Errigal Keerogue Parish
HamiltonJohnMillix Errigal Keerogue Parish
HamiltonJamesClogher Clogher Parish
HamiltonJohnKillycorran Clogher Parish
HamiltonHughTullydowey Clonfeacle Parish
HamiltonDanielLisbanlemneigh Clonfeacle Parish
HamiltonArchboldLisbanlemneigh Clonfeacle Parish
HamiltonRobertCarrowbeg Clonfeacle Parish
HamiltonJamesDrumnastrade Clonfeacle Parish
HamiltonJohnFinnelly Clonfeacle Parish
HamiltonJohnGortmon Desertcreat Parish
HamiltonJohnDungannon Drumglass Parish
HamiltonAlexanderClunlevahin Clonoe Parish
HamiltonPatrickLisnamonaghan Donaghmore Parish
hamiltonWilliamOmagh Drumagh Parish
HamiltonJohnCranny&Drumgran Dromore Parish
HamiltonJamesDrumgavity Donaghedy Parish
HamiltonGeorgeDullerton Donaghedy Parish
HamiltonArthurCastlemellan Donaghedy Parish
HamiltonHughDrumenny Donaghedy Parish
HamiltonClaudAughtermoy Donaghedy Parish
HamiltonPatrickStrabane Corp Camus Parish
HamiltonJohnStrabane Corp Camus Parish
HamiltonWilliamBallyfatten Urney Parish
HamiltonRobertTantramurry Cappagh Parish
HamiltonRobertTievenny Ardstraw Parish
HamiltonJohnTirmegan Ardstraw Parish
HamiltonRobertBallymullirty Ardstraw Parish
HamiltonAlexanderTullaghrin Bodoney Parish
HamiltonArthurDunbunrawer Bodoney Parish
HamiltonJamesDroit Bodoney Parish
HamiltonJamesCulvacullion Bodoney Parish
HamiltonRobertMeenadoo Garvagh Bodoney Parish
Hamiltone JamesBallymoney
Hamiltone (no forename)Ballymoney

Muster Rolls
EstateUndertakerSurnameFirst NameArms
DunluceEarl of AntrimHamiltonArthurNo Armes
DunluceEarl of AntrimHamiltonJohn(Ranger) No
CarryEarl of AntrimHamiltonJohnNo Armes
MassereeneSir John ClotworthyHamiltonAlexanderNo Armes
MassereeneMr Henry UptonHamiltonGeorgeNo Armes

Pre-1858 Wills
SurnameFirst NameAreaCountyDocumentDatePRONI Ref
HamiltonJamesBangorDownc. will1701D 4216|[ ]|1(?)
HamiltonJamesBallyriknacally(?)Downwill[ ] 2|807, D 3366|A|18 (?)
HamiltonJames, gentMullochmore(?) [Mullaghmore?]AntrimPrerog. will ext.1652T 700 p.226, T 808 p.6466
HamiltonJamesCastlehill(?)Down(?)c. will4/9/1729D 4124|2
HamiltonJames esq.RoscreaTipperaryPrerog. will ext.1658T 808 pp.6544, 6123(?) [Betham vol. VIII]
HamiltonJamesManorhamiltonLeitrimPrerog. admon. d.b.n. ext.1661T 808 p.1030
HamiltonJames esq.CarlowCarlowPrerog. will ext.1772T 808 p.7152
HamiltonJames Rev.CastlehillDownPrerog. will ext.1730T 741
HamiltonGustavus Rev.Prerog. will ext.1795T 808 p.7616
HamiltonHelenDesart [Tullyaghan Brogue]KilkennyPrerog. will ext.1742T 808 p.7402
HamiltonLady Harriet Margaretc. admon.16/8/1820T 623|190
HamiltonHansFrankfield(?) / Frankford(?)ArmaghPrerog. will1728T 664 p.15, T 281|II|p.7
HamiltonHansToberslane [Killea]DonegalRaphoe will ext.1804T 808 p.7289
HamiltonHansBallymoneyDownwilld. 1803LPC 174
HamiltonHansBallymoneyDownwilld. 1798LPC 173
HamiltonJamesBallygraffan [Killmood/St Andrew's]DownDown will ext.1731T 788|4
HamiltonJames Capt.Prerog. will exts.1731D 280 p.25
HamiltonHughCamcoole(?)Fermanaghwill ext.1811T 907 p.37
HamiltonGustavusBennelly(?)L'derryDerry will ext.1805T 808 p.6952
HamiltonHenry Sir , bart.[Bath]Sommerset, EnglandPrerog. will ext.1782T 808 p.6424
HamiltonHenryDrumbony(?)DonegalRaphoe will ext.1812T 808 p.7291
HamiltonHillBelfast [Shankill]AntrimPrerog. will & grant release of legacy etc.1832, 1844T 804|5-8,10,12,18,20,24,26,30-31
HamiltonHillBelfast [Shankill]AntrimPrerog. will & grant & cert. copy8/1/1832T 804|5-31 Passim, T 1009|256
HamiltonHillBelfast [Shankill]Antrimcertified copy Prerog. will & grant28/1/1832T 1009|256
HamiltonHugh"Tilliduye" DonaghedyTyroneDerry will ext.d. 1689T 280|11, T 581 vol.III p.247, T 808 p.6186
HamiltonJamesBallyriknacally(?)Downwill4/[ ]/1823(?)D 3366|A|26
HamiltonHughDonaghedyTyroneDerry will ext.1721T 808 p.6150
HamiltonJamesDuletter(?)TyroneDerry will ext.1637T 808 p.6461
HamiltonHughBallymoneyAntrimprobate of will (draft)25/5/1822D 1522|12|1 Box 20
HamiltonIsabelPrerog. will ext.1683 & 1704T 280 pp.10, 15
HamiltonIsabel, widowCaledon [Aghaloo]TyronePrerog. will ext.1703 [1701]T 808 p.6157
HamiltonIsabellaKilgole [Drumhome]DonegalPrerog. will ext.1683T 808 p.7118
HamiltonJas. Rev.[Mountcollyer] BelfastAntrimwill exts.10/12/1796T 3
HamiltonJamesWarrenpointDownc. will4/7/1797D 1678|6|6
HamiltonJamesDerry will ext.1637T 280 p.1
HamiltonJames MajorCumberL'derryDerry will ext.1723T 808 pp.6455 & 7149
HamiltonHugh, gent["Lisdeving"] [Lisdivin, Donaghedy]TyronePrerog. will ext.1637T 280 p.2, T 808 p.6461
HamiltonJamesDerrycullion [Aghalurcher]FermanaghClogher will ext.1746T 581
HamiltonJames esq.Ballynagarvy [Finvoy]AntrimPrerog. will ext.1728T 732|27
HamiltonJamesRaphoeDonegalPrerog. admon. ext.1661T 808 p.7030
HamiltonJames Rev.DromoreDownPrerog. admon. ext.1668T 808 p.6267
HamiltonJames, studentGlasgowScotlandPrerog. will ext.1672T 808 p.6257 Betham Vol.IXV, 66
HamiltonJamesCaledon [Aghaloo]TyroneArmagh will ext.1688T 808 p.6962
HamiltonJamesAnnynanum [Clones]FermanaghClogher will ext.1736T 808|15311 & p.6346
HamiltonJamesAnnynanum [Clones]FermanaghClogher will ext.1736T 581
HamiltonGustavus esq.DublinDublinPrerog. will ext.1754T 808 pp.7421, 7611
HamiltonJamesDerrycullion [Aghalurcher]FermanaghClogher will ext.1746T 808 pp.6155, 6348
HamiltonGustavus Rev.Errigal TroughTyronePrerog. admon. ext.1755T 280 p.51, T 808 p.7005
HamiltonJamesShankillMonaghanClogher will ext.1750T 808 pp.6154, 6347
HamiltonJamesCastlerahanCavanKilmore admon. ext.1756T 808 p.5515
HamiltonGustavusL'derryDerry will ext.1805T 280 p.43
HamiltonJames esq.[Mountcharles [Inver]]DonegalPrerog. will ext.1763T 282A p.28
HamiltonGeorgeClogher will admon. bond ext.1724, 1744T 348 pp.25, 32
HamiltonGeorge Rev.L'derryDerry will ext.1730T 280 p.12
HamiltonGeorgeRattigolan(?)MonaghanClogher will ext.1718T 808|15311 p.6346, T 8581 vol.IV p.29
HamiltonGeorge Rev.Clogher will ext.1702T 348 p.24 Corry
HamiltonJamesToberslam [Toberslane?, Killea]DonegalRaphoe will ext.1745T 808 p.7290
HamiltonJamesStrabane [Camus/Urney]TyroneDerry will ext.1703T 808 p.6[ ]77(?)
HamiltonGeorge Rev.Devenish & BohoFermanaghClogher will ext.11/6/1702T 581 vol.III p.23
HamiltonJames Hon., Earl of ClanbrassilPrerog. will ext.1758T 403 p.132
HamiltonJamesCrosses [Monaghan]MonaghanClogher will ext.1721T 808 p.6347
HamiltonJames, gentDerryboy [Killyleagh?]DownPrerog. will ext.(?)c.1719T 700 p.228
HamiltonJamesCarrownitragh(?)MonaghanClogher will ext.1717T 581 vol.III p.440
HamiltonJamesCarrownitragh(?)MonaghanClogher will ext.1717T 808|15311 p.6346
HamiltonJamesArdnacinny(?)TyroneClogher will ext.1715T 581 vol.III p.376
HamiltonGeorge Col.Millburn [Coleraine]LondondeeryConnor will ext.1728T 808 pp.2929, 6992
HamiltonJames, merchantStrabane [Camus/Urney]TyronePrerog. will ext.1703T 280 p.16, T 700 p.207
HamiltonJamesBallyfattenTyronePrerog. will ext.1730T 808 p.6529
HamiltonJamesTrillick [Kilskeery]TyroneClogher will ext.1773T 581
HamiltonJames esq.Belfast [Shankill]AntrimPrerog. will ext.1776T 403 p.42, T 704
HamiltonGeorgeIsland More [Clonleigh]DonegalPrerog. admon. ext.1690T 808 p.7023
HamiltonGeorgeexts. from admon. grant incl. Prerog. will ext.1690 & 1699T 280 pp.15, 50
HamiltonJameswill ext. lodged in Armagh Consistorial Courtno dateT 280 p.10
HamiltonGeorge, gent [died in Hispaniola]]TyronePrerog. will ext.7/2/1699T 580 vol.II p.415, T 808 p.6963
HamiltonGeorge Rev.DevenishFermanaghClogher will ext.1702T 808 p.6949
HamiltonJames Rev. rector of KnockbredaBallygraffan [Killmood/St Andrew's]DownDown will ext.1713T 828|8
HamiltonArchibald, Archbishop of CashelCashelPrerog. will ext.1665T 808 p.6246
HamiltonCharlesBelfast [Shankill]Connor admon. bond ext.1761T 715
HamiltonCharles esq.DunboyneMeathPrerog. will ext.1753T 808 p.4404
HamiltonCharlesCavan [Clonleigh?]DonegalDerry will ext.1710T 808 p.7522
HamiltonBeatrix Dame [widow of Sir William H]Manor Eliston(?)TyronePrerog. will ext.1667T 808 p.6116
HamiltonAudley(?)Eccles Green(?)TyroneClogher will ext.9/1/1803T 581
HamiltonArchibald R.(?) Rev.CorkCorkPrerog. will & grant1857PLC 1361
HamiltonCornet ArchibaldStrabane [Camus/Urney]TyronePrerog. will ext.1753T 808 p.6973, T 280 p.29
HamiltonArchibald Col.(?)Strabane [Camus/Urney]TyronePrerog. will ext.1752|3T 348 p.95
HamiltonArchibald Lieut. Gen.Prerog. will ext.1749T 280 p.28
HamiltonAndrew esq.Killenewer(?)DonegalPrerog. will ext.1655T 808 p.6240
HamiltonArchibaldCrehanan(?)DonegalDerry will ext.[ ]/1/1694T 581 vol.II p.357, T 808 p.6249
HamiltonCatherine [widow of venerable W H archdeacon of Armagh]ArmaghArmaghPrerog. will ext.1740T 808 p.6424
HamiltonAnne, widowMountcollyer, Belfast, Clifton, GlasgowAntrim & GlasgowPrerog. will ext.1803T 704
HamiltonAnne MrsBruckless [Killaghtee]DonegalPrerog. will & grant1812D 405
HamiltonAnnPrerog. will & grant1812D 405|1
HamiltonAnnIsland More [Clonleigh]DonegalPrerog. appointment of Guardian1690T 808 p.7023
HamiltonAnn, spinsterGlasnevinDublinPrerog. will ext.1793T 808 p.7605
HamiltonAndrew Thomas Rev.Donemana [Donaghedy]Tyronecopies of will[1819]D 1550|160|2|11-12
HamiltonAndrewDrumbegAntrim or Down ?Connor will notes9/8/1825T 702|A|26
HamiltonAndrewTullyowen [Taughboyne]Donegaltranscript c. will1809T 3591
HamiltonFrancesDublin will ext.1819T 581
HamiltonArchibald Lieut. Col. Lord Mountjoy's regt.Prerog. will ext.1712T 280 p.20, T 808 p.6529
HamiltonDorothy[ ](?)LouthDrogheda will ext.1807T 808 p.6133
HamiltonElizabeth Dame [alias Willoughby, wife of Sir Francis Hamilton bart.]CavanPrerog. will ext.1664T 808 p.7427
HamiltonGeorgeClogher will ext.1724T 581 vol.IV p.261, T 808|15311 p.6346
HamiltonHannaBallymena [Kirkinriola]Antrimc. will2/2/1841D 1902|2|10
HamiltonElizabeth (alias Fleming)Caledon [Aghaloo]TyronePrerog. grant (I) ext.1705T 780 p.4 Crossle
HamiltonElizabethDrumeny [Arboe/Donaghedy]TyroneDerry will ext.1723T 808 p.6199
HamiltonEdwardAckland(?)Drogheda will ext.1803T 808 p.6133
HamiltonElizabethArmagh(?)c. will20/1/1807D 889|2|29
HamiltonEdward, merchantGalwayGalwayPrerog. will ext.1728T 808 p.6132
HamiltonEdwardClogher admon. bond ext.1755T 348 p.33 Corry
HamiltonCharlesDerry will ext.1781T 280 p.38
HamiltonEdwardArmaghc. admon.6/10/1806D 889|2|7
HamiltonClaud esq.Munterloney(?)TyronePrerog. will ext.1695T 808 p.6119
HamiltonDorothea [wife of Hon. Rev. Francis]DublinPrerog. will24/10/1780T 702A|12
HamiltonDavid VicarChoral Armagh CathedralArmaghc. will16/4/1838D 889|2|23B
HamiltonCreightonDublinDublinc. Prerog. will18/8/1803T 1041|32
HamiltonColen(?)Drum[ ]?CavanKilmore admon. ext.1728T 808 p.5514
HamiltonClaud esq.Beltrim [Bodoney Lower]TyronePrerog. will ext.1782T 808 pp.6121, 6457
HamiltonCharlesKillycomain [Seagoe]Armaghc. will6/5/1838D 300|1|5|131
HamiltonCharlesBelfast [Shankill]Connor admon. bond ext.1761T 715|5
HamiltonCatherineBelfast [Shankill]Connor will ext.28/10/1811T 715|12
HamiltonCatherineBelfast [Shankill]AntrimConnor will ext.1811T 715
HamiltonClaudLaragh [Mullinacuff]WicklowPrerog. will ext.1666T 808 p.7425
HamiltonEdward, stationerDublinPrerog. will ext.1743T 808 p.6132
HamiltonAlexanderDerry will ext.1726|7T 280 p.24
HamiltonAlexanderBallyvernon(?)DownDown will ext.d. 1707T 741
HamiltonFrancis Sir, bart.Killashandra [Castle Hamilton](?)CavanPrerog. will ext.1674T 808 p.7120
HamiltonHansPrerog. will ext.1728T 281 part II p.7
HamiltonAlexanderKillyleaghDownDown will ext.1677T 808 pp.6149, 6328, 7901
HamiltonAlexanderKillyleaghDownDown will ext.1677T 890|6
HamiltonAlexanderBangorDownDown will ext.1721T 741
HamiltonHansDublinPrerog. admon. ext.1710T 808 p.6396
HamiltonHansFrankford(?)ArmaghPrerog. will ext.1728T 664
HamiltonHans Capt.[Carnasure, Comber]DownPrerog. will ext.1656T 403 p.134
HamiltonAlexanderKillyleaghDownPrerog. grant (I)11/9/1661T 890|5, T 741
HamiltonAlexanderLisnatiny [Lisnatunny?, Ardstraw]TyroneDerry will ext.1726T 808 p.6953
HamiltonHansDownwill ext.1691T 700 p.225
HamiltonAgnes, spinsterCaledon [Aghaloo], now of DublinTyrone & DublinPrerog. admon. ext.1740T 280 p.26, T 808 p.6964
HamiltonDown(?) MajorDrumcreeArmaghc. will1852D 1252|3|31
HamiltonLord Viscountc. admon.16/8/1820D 623|192
HamiltonOtho esq.WaterfordWaterfordcertified c. Prerog. will1770T 564|83(?)
HamiltonfamilyDownwill abstractsc.1700-c.1850D 1759
HamiltonKillyleaghDownwill & lease(?)1808-1903(?)D 776(?)
HamiltonAndrew[Killynure?, Convoy]Prerog. will ext.1655T 280 p.2
HamiltonClaud esq.Strabane [Camus/Urney]TyronePrerog. will ext.1737T 808 pp.6456, 6456, 6592
HamiltonHans Capt.Carneshure [Carnasure, Comber]Downwill ext.1655T 836
HamiltonAlexander Rev.Moneyrea [Comber]DownPrerog. will ext.1740T 581, T 808 pp.6156, 6351
HamiltonAndrewDrumbegAntrim or DownConnor will ext.1825T 702A
HamiltonAndrewDunboyneMeathPrerog. will ext.1723T 808 p.7174
HamiltonAndrewMullanard [Convoy]DonegalRaphoe will ext.1707T 808 p.6339
HamiltonAlexanderArdstrawTyroneDerry will ext.1727T 581 vol.IV p.339
HamiltonAndrewwill ext.1768T 282A p.22
HamiltonFrancisMullanard [Convoy]DonegalRaphoe will ext.1702T 808 p.6339
HamiltonAndrew Rev.TaghmonWexfordFerns will ext.1785T 808 p.6133
HamiltonAndrewLisshanker(?)Downwill[ ]/[ ]/1779D 3366|A|14
HamiltonAlly (alias Ramage)Cope St., DublinDublinPrerog. will ext.1803T 704
HamiltonAlexanderKillyleaghDownwill & probate1810-1837D 2223|18|64
HamiltonAlexanderBallymoneyAntrimdraft will23/12/1812D 1522|12|1 Box 20
HamiltonFrancisBelfast [Shankill]AntrimConnor will ext.1790T 715|10
HamiltonAlexanderBangorDownDown will ext.1721T 741|9
HamiltonFrancisDonegall Street, Belfast [Shankill]Antrimnotes of Connor will & grant1789T 702A|14
HamiltonFrancisBelfast [Shankill]AntrimConnor will ext.1789T 702A
HamiltonFrederick SirManor HamiltonLeitrimPrerog. admon. ext.1661T 808 p.7030
HamiltonFrancis Hon. & Rev.DunleerLouthnotes of Prerog. will & probate1746T 702A|6
HamiltonAlexanderKillyleaghDownDown will, note of probate & ext.11/5/1677T 890|6, T 741|7
HamiltonFrancisConnor will ext.1790T 715
HamiltonFrancis SirCastle Hamilton(?)CavanPrerog. will ext.d. 1713T 788|12
HamiltonFrancis SirCavanPrerog. will ext.1717T 808 p.6269
HamiltonAlexanderBallyvernonDownDown will ext.d. 1707T 741|8
HamiltonRobertKillclooneyTyronePrerog. will ext.1692T 581 vol.II p.302, T 808 p.6248
HamiltonRobertClonfeacleArmagh, TyroneArmagh will ext.1712T 581 vol.III p.330
HamiltonRobertBallyclugAntrimConnor will ext.1699T 700 p.231
HamiltonRobert Rev.BallyclugAntrimConnor will ext.1694T 828|15, T 732|8
HamiltonRobertNewryDownPrerog. will ext.1853T 618 (T 743?)
HamiltonRobertOmagh [Drumragh]TyronePrerog. will20/11/1828T 877|409
HamiltonRobertScarva [Aghaderg?]DownPrerog. will & grant1815LPC 1250
HamiltonRebeccaLimnagoreArmaghArmagh will & grant23/11/1848D 308|54
HamiltonRobertCarrickaboyer (Carrickbyker?)CavanKilmore will ext.1778T 808 p.5511, T 581
HamiltonRobertBallindraitDonegalDerry will ext.1725T 808 p.6137
HamiltonRobertLisburn [Blaris]AntrimConnor will ext.1687T 828|15
HamiltonRobertCladyTyroneDerry will ext.d. 1678T 808 p.6943, T 581 vol.I p.440, T 280 p.8
HamiltonRobert Rev.BallyclugAntrimConnor will ext.1694T 828|15, T 732|8
HamiltonRobertLisburn [Blaris]AntrimConnor will ext.1687T 828|15
HamiltonRichardBallymoneyAntrimc. will26/1/1847D 1518|1|3
HamiltonRichardBallindraitDonegalDerry will ext.1730 (1768?)T 808 p.6137
HamiltonSusannaBangorDownDown will ext.1749T 741|10
HamiltonRobertManorhamiltonLeitrimKilmore will ext.1789T 808 p.559 A, T 581
HamiltonSarahKilkennyKilkennyPrerog. will ext.1791T 808 pp.3150, 6287
HamiltonThomas Rev.Summerhill [Innishowen](?)DonegalDerry will ext.1813T 808 p.6135
HamiltonThomasDublinDublinPrerog. will ext.24/10/1792T 581
HamiltonThomasDublinDublinPrerog. will ext.1792T 808|15311 p.6324, T 280 p.41
HamiltonThomasCurrunshegoe"MonaghanPrerog. will ext.1709T 581 vol.III p.173
HamiltonPatrick Rev.DonaghedyTyroneDerry will ext.1635T 808 p.6252, T 280 p.1
HamiltonSusannaBallyvernonDownDown will ext.1749T 741
HamiltonSophiaBangorDownPrerog. will ext.1735T 808 p.6336
HamiltonSophiaBangorDownadmon. & probate1715, 1717(?)D 4216|F|1(?)
HamiltonRobertnote of Down willd. 1728T 828|8
HamiltonSamuelKillinchyDownDown will ext.d. 1816T 748 p.25
HamiltonRobertNewryDownwilld. 1853T 743|15
HamiltonRobertOmagh [Drumragh]Tyronewilld. 2/5/1814T 877|290
HamiltonRobertnote of Prerog. will1755T 403 p.38
HamiltonRobertDrumsondsTyroneClogher will ext.1736T 581
HamiltonRobertCorballyAntrimConnor will ext.1734T 700 p.232
HamiltonRobertDrumcroMonaghanClogher will ext.1732T 808|15311 pp.6154, 6347
HamiltonRebeccaBallindraitDonegalDerry will ext.1777T 808 p.6137
HamiltonMagdalenDublinDublinPrerog. will ext.1753T 808 p.6964, T 280 p.30
HamiltonMarthaBallymoneyDownDromore will ext.1768T 687|4
HamiltonMarianneCastleroe [Coleraine / Macosquin]L'derry & Ayr, ScotlandPrerog. will ext.1802T 808 p.6560
HamiltonMaria Ladyc. admon.16/8/1820D 623|191
HamiltonMargaretMagherac. will & probate1850D 1118|14|H|2
HamiltonMargaretPrerog. will ext.1723T 808 p.7118
HamiltonMargaretMurvaghDonegalPrerog. will ext.1692T 808 p.6548
HamiltonPatrickStrabane [Camus / Urney]TyroneDerry will ext.1662T 808 p.6375, T 280 p.3
HamiltonMalcolm, Archbiship of CashelTipperaryPrerog. will ext.1629T 808 p.6632
HamiltonMary AnneBallyshannon [Kilbarron]DonegalPrerog. will & grant12/12/1854D 580|539
HamiltonLudovick Rev.ElphinRoscommonElphin admon. ext.1743T 808 p.7183
HamiltonLudovickMullaghdrinaghCavanKilmore will ext.1780T 581, T 348 p.110, T 808 p.5512
HamiltonLucyPrerog. will ext.1717T 280 p.22, T 808 p.6961
HamiltonLetticeDerry will exts. & codicils1766T 280 p.34
HamiltonLetticeStrabane [Camus / Urney]TyronePrerog. will ext.1761T 808 pp.6974-5
HamiltonLetticeMillburn [Coleraine?]L'derryPrerog. will ext.1741T 808 pp.2929, 6992, T 280 p.27
HamiltonLetitiaStrabane [Camus / Urney]TyroneDerry will ext.1766T 808 p.6530
HamiltonMalcolmAghalaneFermanaghPrerog. admon. ext.1700T 808 p.6212
HamiltonThomas Corlistc. will & probate8/6/1852D 889|2|49
HamiltonPatrickPrerog. will ext.1700T 732|10
HamiltonPatrickClogher admon. ext.1727T 280|51
HamiltonPatrick SirDublinDublinPrerog. will exts. & codicil1780T 808 p.6530, T 280 p.37
HamiltonPatrickGarrisonFermanaghPrerog. will ext.1776T 581
HamiltonPatrickLeiter"FermanaghClogher admon. bond1727T 808 p.6317
HamiltonPatrickClogher admon. ext.1727T 808 p.6399(?)
HamiltonPatrickGranshawDownPrerog. will ext.1700T 732|10
HamiltonMarthaBallymoneyDownDromore will ext.1786T 687|5
HamiltonPatrickStrabane [Camus / Urney]TyroneDerry will ext.1682T 808 p.6378, T 280 pp.9, 15
HamiltonMaryComberDownDown admon. bond ext.1766T 715
HamiltonPatrickStrabane [Camus / Urney]TyronePrerog. will ext.1659T 581 vol.I p.208
HamiltonWilliamCaledon [Aghaloo]TyronePrerog. will ext.1686T 808 p.6963
HamiltonOthoWaterfordWaterfordPrerog. will ext.1770T 808 p.275, T 564|83
HamiltonNicholas Rev.DonaghadeeDownPrerog. will ext.1786T 808 p.6527, T 280 p.40
HamiltonMountneySummerhill [Innishowen]DonegalDerry will ext.1798T 808 p.6135
HamiltonMichaelTullyL'derryDerry will ext.1749T 808 p. 6568, T 741|13
HamiltonJean (alias Phillips)KillyleaghDownnote of Down will1700T 828|8
HamiltonPatrickStrabane [Camus / Urney]TyroneDerry will ext.1698T 808 p.6377
HamiltonWilliamPrerog. will exts.1686, d. 1694, 1696-7T 280 pp.6, 10, 12
HamiltonWilliamCorballyAntrimConnor will ext.22/2/1814T 687|6
HamiltonWilliamMulochdrim"DownDromore will ext.1792T 702A
HamiltonWilliamOmagh [Drumragh]TyronePrerog. will ext.1781T 702A|13
HamiltonWilliamNewryDownPrerog. will ext.1779T 618, T 743, T 702A
HamiltonWilliamDerry will ext.1762T 280 p.31
HamiltonWilliam"Dunymanagh" [Donaghedy]TyronePrerog. will ext.d. 1763T 681 p.148
HamiltonWilliamDunnamana [Donaghedy]TyronePrerog. will ext.1793T 702A
HamiltonWilliamErenaghDownPrerog. will ext.1686T 681 p.64
HamiltonWilliamLaurel Hill, DerryaghyAntrimConnor will ext.1844T 731
HamiltonWilliamCornemucklaghTyroneClogher will ext.d. 1694T 581 vol.II p.356
HamiltonWilliamPrerog. will ext.1758T 403 p.126
HamiltonWilliamBeltrimTyronePrerog. will ext.1747T 581, T 282A p.19
HamiltonWilliamTierkellyDownDromore will ext.1813T 702A
HamiltonWilliamBallynureAntrimConnor will ext.29/11/1811T 702A
HamiltonWilliamBallykineDownDromore will ext.1794T 702A
HamiltonWilliamPrerog. will ext.1673T 280 p.4
HamiltonWilliamAghlishTyronePrerog. will ext.d. 1751T 581
HamiltonWilliamBallygrotDownnotes of Down will7/11/1808T 702A|22
HamiltonTrailHollyparkDownwill abstracts24/8/1840T 1711 p.114
HamiltonWilliam LowryBallydornDown will exts.1795T 702A|19
HamiltonWilliamKillyleaghDownnotes of Down will15/2/1836T 702A|28
HamiltonWilliamGarvaghyDownnotes of Dromore will1/1/1827T 702A|27
HamiltonWilliamCorkeyAntrimConnor will & grant (A.W.A.)11/11/1822D 509|2065
HamiltonWilliamBallymoneyAntrimc. will & probate18/6/1816D 1518|1|3
HamiltonWilliamCorballyAntrimConnor will abstract22/2/1814T 687|8-9
HamiltonWilliamGarvaghyDownDromore will ext.1827T 702A
HamiltonWilliamBallynureAntrimnotes of Connor will29/11/1811T 702A|23
HamiltonWilliamKillyleaghDownDown will ext.1836T 702A
HamiltonWilliamKillough [Rathmullan]Downnotes of Prerog. admon.1805T 702A|21
HamiltonWilliamBallykineDownnotes of Dromore will1796T 702A|20
HamiltonWilliamBallymoney, MagherallyDownnotes of Dromore will1795T 702A|18
HamiltonWilliamDunama" [Donaghedy?]Tyronenotes of Prerog. will1793T 702A|16
HamiltonWilliamMullocharin", DromoreDownDromore will & grant9/3/1792T 702A|15
HamiltonWilliamNewryDownPrerog. will1779T 743|1, T 702A|11
HamiltonWilliamDownPrerog. admon. (I) ext.1805T 702A
HamiltonWilliamTierkellyDownnotes of Dromore will4/6/1813T 702A|24
HamiltonWilliamLiscloonyKing's [Offaly]Prerog. will ext.1679T 808 pp.6259, 12781
HamiltonWilliamMonea [Inishmacsaint]FermanaghClogher admon. bond ext.1709T 808 p.6279, T 348 p.33
HamiltonWilliamManor ElistonTyronePrerog. will ext.1705T 808 pp.6117, 6454
HamiltonWilliamCornemucklaghTyroneClogher will ext.1694T 808 p.6965
HamiltonWilliamLimnivallinaghAntrimPrerog. will ext.1694T 808 p.7593
HamiltonJohnAntrimConnor will ext.1716T 731|23, D 3113 p.135
HamiltonWilliam Rev.CashelTipperaryPrerog. will ext.1683T 808 p.7118
HamiltonWilliamBallymoney, MagherallyDownDromore will ext.1795T 702
HamiltonWilliamBallyfattinTyronePrerog. will ext.1681T 808 p.6968, T 348 p.96
HamiltonWilliamBallymullanDownnote of Down willd. 1719|20T 828|8
HamiltonWilliamCaledon [Aghaloo]TyronePrerog. will ext.1673T 808 p.6956
HamiltonWilliamHamilton's Bawn(?)ArmaghPrerog. will ext.1670T 808 pp.6268, 7320
HamiltonWilliamDownpatrickDownPrerog. will ext.1656T 808 p.7145
HamiltonWilliam SirMannor ElistownTyronePrerog. will ext.1664T 808 p.6115
HamiltonWilliamPrerog. will exts. (uncupative)[ ]T [ ]80 p.[ ]?
HamiltonWilliamGortaquiglyDonegalRaphoe will ext.1812T 808 p.7290
HamiltonWilliamLougheskDonegalPrerog. will ext.1630T 808 p.6929
HamiltonLetitiaLimerickLimerickLimerick will ext.1765T 808 p.7274
HamiltonWilliamDromguise(?)MonaghanClogher will ext.1746|7T 808 pp.6154, 6347
HamiltonWilliamBallygrotDownDown will ext.1808T 702A
HamiltonWilliamCorkeyAntrimConnor will & grant (A.W.A.)1822D 509|2065
HamiltonWilliamDunnamana" [Donaghedy]TyronePrerog. will ext.1793T 808 p.7185
HamiltonWilliamL'derryL'derryDerry will ext.1769T 808 p.7921
HamiltonWilliam Rev.Strabane [Camus / Urney]TyroneDerry will ext.1765T 808 p.6530
HamiltonWilliamDonnemanagh(?) [Donaghedy]TyronePrerog. will ext.1763T 808 pp.6118, 6460
HamiltonWilliamLisnatinnyTyroneDerry will ext.1762T 808 p.6953
HamiltonWilliamArmaghArmaghArmagh will ext.1713T 808 p.7424
HamiltonWilliamBeltrimTyronePrerog. will ext.1747T 808 p.6456
HamiltonWilliamKillyleaghDownPrerog. will ext.1716T 808 p.7189
HamiltonWilliamKillcorranTyrone (Monaghan?)Clogher will ext.1744T 808 pp.6155, 6348, T 581
HamiltonWilliam, surgeonDublinDublinPrerog. will ext.1737T 808 p.614
HamiltonWilliamGortreeDonegalRaphoe will ext.1761T 808 p.7289
HamiltonWilliamStraw [Ballinascreen?]L'derryDerry will ext.1735T 808 p.7520
HamiltonWilliamDroghedaLouthDrogheda will ext.1732T 808 p.6133
HamiltonWilliamKillyleaghDownPrerog. will ext.1716|7T 741
HamiltonWilliamKillyleaghDownPrerog. will ext.1716T 741|3
HamiltonWilliam Capt.LisreaghMonaghanClogher will ext.1749T 808 pp.6155, 6348
HamiltonJamesRoscreaTipperaryPrerog. will ext.1658T 808 pp.6123, 6544
HamiltonJamesDerrycullinClogher will ext.1746T 808 pp.6155, 6348, T 581
HamiltonJamesToberslanDonegalRaphoe will ext.1745T 808 p.290
HamiltonJamesAnnynanamFermanaghClogher will ext.1736T 808|15311 p.6346, T 581
HamiltonJamesCaledon [Aghaloo]TyroneArmagh will ext.1688T 808 p.6962
HamiltonJamesGlasgowScotlandPrerog. will ext.1672T 808 p.6257
HamiltonJames Rev.DromoreTyronePrerog. admon. ext.1668T 808 p.6267
HamiltonJ. Rev.will exts.10/12/1796T 3
HamiltonJamesManorhamiltonLeitrimPrerog. admon. dbn ext.1661T 808 p.1030
HamiltonJamesPrerog. will ext.1763T 282A p.28
HamiltonJamesCastlehillDownc. will4/9/1729D 4124|2
HamiltonJamesMullochmore"AntrimPrerog. will ext.1652T 808 p.6466, T 700 p.226
HamiltonJamesBallyriknacallyDownwillFeb. 1807D 3366|A|18
HamiltonJamesBangorDownc. will1701D 4216|[A?]|1
HamiltonJamesBallyriknacallyDownwillApril 1823D 3366|A|26
HamiltonJamesDuletterTyroneDerry will ext.1637T 808 p.6461, T 280 p.1
HamiltonJamesBelfastAntrimPrerog. will ext.1776T 704, T 403 p.42
HamiltonJamesRaphoeDonegalPrerog. admon. ext.1661T 808 p.7030
HamiltonJamesBallyfattenTyronePrerog. will ext.1730T 808 p.6529
HamiltonJamesTrillick [Kilskerry]TyroneClogher will ext.1773T 581
HamiltonLetitiaPrerog. will ext.1761T 808 p. 2929, T 280 p.32
HamiltonJames Rev., rector of KnockbredaBallygraffanDownDown will ext.1713T 2828|8
HamiltonJohnBelfastAntrimConnor will ext.1775T 715|8
HamiltonJamesCarrownitraghMonaghanClogher will ext.1717T 581 vol.III p.440, T 808|15311 p.6346
HamiltonJamesDerryboyDownPrerog. will ext.(?)c. 1719(?)T 700 p.228
HamiltonJamesCrossesMonaghanClogher will ext.1721T 808 p.6347
HamiltonJamesShankillMonaghanClogher will ext.1750T 808 pp.6154, 6347
HamiltonJames MajorCumberL'derryDerry will ext.1723T 808 pp.6455, 7149
HamiltonJamesCastlerahanCavanKilmore admon. ext.1756T 808 p.5515
HamiltonJamesBallynagarvyAntrimPrerog. will ext.1728T 732|27
HamiltonJames Rev.CastlehillDownPrerog. will ext.1730T 741
HamiltonJames Capt.Prerog. will ext.1731T 280 p.25
HamiltonJames Capt.BallygraffanDownDown will ext.1731T 788|4
HamiltonJamesCarlowCarlowPrerog. will ext.1772T 808 p.7152
HamiltonJamesArmagh will ext.No DateT 280 p.10
HamiltonIsabellaKilgoleDonegalPrerog. will ext.1683T 808 p.7118
HamiltonJames Hon. Earl of ClanbrassilPrerog. will ext.1758T 403 p.132
HamiltonGustavusDublinDublinPrerog. will ext.1754T 808 p.7421, 7611
HamiltonHansFrankford (Frankfield?)ArmaghPrerog. will ext.1728T 281 part II p.7, T 664 p.15
HamiltonHansDublinDublinPrerog. admon. ext.1710T 808 p.6396
HamiltonHansDownwill ext.1691T 700 p.225
HamiltonHans Capt.Prerog. will exts.1656T 403 p.134, T 836
HamiltonHannahBallymena [Kirkinriola]Antrimc. will2/2/1841D 1902|2|10
HamiltonGustavusBennelly [Glenelly?]L'derry(?)Derry will ext.1805T 808 p.6952, T 280 p.43
HamiltonJamesWarrenpointDownc. will4/7/1797D 1678|6|6
HamiltonGustavus Rev.Errigal TroughTyronePrerog. admon. ext.1755T 808 p.7005, T 280 p.51
HamiltonHansToberslandDonegalRaphoe will ext.1804T 808 p.7289
HamiltonGeorge Col.Millburn [Coleraine?]L'derryConnor will ext.1728T 808 pp.2929, 6992
HamiltonGeorge Rev.L'derry / InishowenDerry will exts.1730T 280 p.12
HamiltonGeorgeClogher will ext. & admon. bond ext.1724, 1744T 348 pp.25 & 32
HamiltonGeorgeClogher will ext.1724T 581 vol.IV p.261, T 808|15311 p.6346
HamiltonGeorgeKattigolan [Rattigolan?]MonaghanClogher will ext.1718T 581 vol.IV p.29, T 808|15311 p.6346
HamiltonGeorge Rev.Devenish & BohoFermanaghClogher will ext.11/6/1702T 581 vol.III p.23, T 808 p.6949, T 348 p.24
HamiltonGeorgeTyronePrerog. will ext.7/2/1699T 581 vol.II p.415, T 808 p.6963
HamiltonGustavus Rev.Prerog. will ext.1795T 808 p.7616
HamiltonHillBelfastAntrimPrerog. will & probate & release of legacy etc.1832, 1844T 804 pp.5-8, 10, 12, 18, 20, 24, 26, 30, 31
HamiltonIsabelCaledon [Aghaloo]TyronePrerog. will ext.1703T 808 p.6157
HamiltonIsabelPrerog. will ext.1683, 1704T 280 pp.10, 15
HamiltonHughBallymoneyAntrimc. will & probate25/5/1822D 1522|12|1 box 20
HamiltonHughCamcooleFermanaghwill ext.1811T 907 p.37
HamiltonHughDonaghedyTyroneDerry will ext.1721T 808 p.6150
HamiltonHughLisdivinTyronePrerog. will ext.1637T 808 p.6461, T 280 p.2
HamiltonHughTilliduye(?)TyroneDerry will ext.1689T 808 p.6186, T 280|11
HamiltonHansBallymoneyDownwilld. 1798LPC 173
HamiltonHillBelfastAntrimcert. c. will & probate28/1/1832T 1009|256, T 804|5
HamiltonHansBallymoneyDownwilld. 1803LPC 174
HamiltonHillBelfastAntrimPrerog. will & probate1832T 1009|256
HamiltonHenryDrumbonyDonegalRaphoe will ext.1812T 808 p.7291
HamiltonHenry SirPrerog. will ext.1782T 808 p.6424
HamiltonHenry Rev.Prerog. will ext.1734T 808 p.6425
HamiltonHelenDesartKilkennyPrerog. will ext.1742T 808 p.7402
HamiltonHarriet Margaret Ladyc. admon.16/8/1820T 623|190
HamiltonJamesStrabane [Camus / Urney]TyronePrerog. will ext.1703T 700 p.227, T 280 p.16, T 808 p.6377
HamiltonHughDonaghedyTyroneDerry will ext.d. 1689T 581 vol.III p.247
HamiltonJohnWaterfordWaterfordPrerog. will ext.1787T 564|100
HamiltonJohnEdergoleTyroneClogher will ext.1707T 808 p.6940
HamiltonJohnDrumurcherMonaghanClogher will ext.1726T 581 vol.IV p.308
HamiltonJohnPrerog. will exts.d. 1741T 282A p.19
HamiltonJohnwill ext.1755T 700 p.229
HamiltonJohnKillycluniesTyronePrerog. will ext.1761T 581
HamiltonJohnTullycullionTyronePrerog. will ext.d. 1765T 581
HamiltonJohnBrown HallDonegalc. will transcript1/4/1706D 3045|4|1|22
HamiltonJohnKillyglassanCavanKilmore will ext.1778T 581
HamiltonJohnBelfastAntrimConnor will ext.1716T 731
HamiltonJohnKillyglassonCavanKilmore will ext.1778T 808 p.5511
HamiltonJohnL'derryL'derryPrerog. will ext.1761 (1765?)T 808 p.6135
HamiltonJamesArdnacinnyTyroneClogher will ext.1715T 581 vol.III p.76
HamiltonJohnShankillMonaghanClogher will ext.1749T 808 pp.6154, 6347
HamiltonJamesWaterfordWaterfordPrerog. will ext.1787T 808 p.7271
HamiltonJohnCrossesMonaghanClogher will ext.1721T 808 p.6154
HamiltonJohnCarrowbegTyronePrerog. will ext.1708T 808 p.7524
HamiltonJohnBelfastAntrimConnor will ext.1775T 715
HamiltonJohnPrerog. admon. (I) will exts.1660, 1713T 280 pp.48, 21
HamiltonLeticeMilburn" [Coleraine?]L'derryPrerog. will ext.1741T 581
HamiltonJosephDublinDublinPrerog. will ext.1797T 808 p.6132
HamiltonJohnMillviewDonegalc. will & probate8/3/1847D 1096|77|8
HamiltonJohnCorrinareArmaghc. will22/2/1855D 1879|1
HamiltonJohnWaterfordWaterfordcert. c. Prerog. will & probate1787T 564|100
HamiltonJohnCastlefinnDonegalwill & probate7/5/1774D 1449|1|152
HamiltonJohnBallymnoch (Ballymenagh?)DownDown will ext.1722T 828|8
HamiltonJohnCrooked Stone, KilleadAntrimConnor will ext.1818T 700 p.230
HamiltonJohnCrossesMonaghanClogher will ext.1723T 808|15311
HamiltonJohn Rev.Derry will ext.1689T 280 p.11
HamiltonJohnClogher will ext.d. 1695T 581 vol.II p.359
HamiltonJohnDunledy" [Dunlady, Dundonald?]Downnote of Down will1698T 828|8
HamiltonJohnDerry will exts.1699, 1707|8T 280 pp.14, 17
HamiltonJohnClogher will ext.10/6/1703T 581 vol.III p.44
HamiltonJohnEdergoll"TyroneClogher will ext.1707T 581 vol.III p.116
HamiltonJohnCarrowbegTyronePrerog. will ext.1708T 581 vol.III p.150
HamiltonJohnSandy Row [Shankill], BelfastAntrimConnor will ext.1837 (1839?)T 704
HamiltonJamesGreenfieldArmaghPrerog. will ext.1817T 618, T 743
HamiltonJane, widowDownpatrickDownPrerog. will ext.1659T 741|2, T 890|4
HamiltonJamesDroitTyronewill24/10/1843D 1692|1|5
HamiltonJohnBrownhallDonegalPrerog. will ext.1706T 808 p.6547
HamiltonJamesWarrenpointDownPrerog. will1800T 877|211
HamiltonJohnDublinDublinPrerog. will ext.1751T 808 p.7401
HamiltonJamesBelfastAntrimPrerog. will ext.1776T 704
HamiltonJaneKnock [Knockbreda]DownPrerog. will ext.1741T 741|6
HamiltonJamesOmagh [Drumragh]TyronePrerog. admon. W/A1835T 877|462
HamiltonJamesGreenfieldArmaghPrerog. will & probate12/11/1817T 618|74, 74A, T 743|3
HamiltonJamesAntrimAntrimPrerog. will ext.1811T 808 p.8185
HamiltonJamesBushbankAntrimPrerog. will ext.1801T 808 p.9185
HamiltonJamesWarrenpointDownPrerog. will1800T 877|211
HamiltonJames Rev.TullyhueArmaghPrerog. will & probate9/12/1796T 3, LPC 1130
HamiltonJames Rev.c. will1796Dio|1|24
HamiltonJamesBelfastDownConnor will ext.1794T 715
HamiltonJamesL'derryL'derryc. will7/3/1777D 2547|1
HamiltonJamesStrabane [Camus / Urney]TyronePrerog. will & grant18/12/1703D 623|52
HamiltonJohnClogherTyroneadmon. bond ext.1696-7T 348 p.32
HamiltonJohnCaledon [Aghaloo]Tyronewill & probate, Prerog. will ext.20/1/1713D 2433|1|18, T 845|1, T 808 p.6959, T 845|27
HamiltonJohn Capt., Brig. Gustavus Hamilton's regt.Prerog. will ext.1705T 808 p.7143
HamiltonJohnLesban" [Lisbane(?)]DownDown will ext.1703T 808 p.6329
HamiltonJohnCornemicklaghTyroneClogher will ext.1703T 808 p.6966
HamiltonJamesBelfastAntrimConnor will ext.11/2/1794T 715|11
HamiltonJohnDunledy [Dunlady, ]DownDown will ext.1698T 808 p.6329
HamiltonJaneBelfastAntrimConnor will ext.1821T 715|15
HamiltonJohn Rev.DonaghedyTyroneDerry will ext.1689T 808 p.6461
HamiltonJohnPriestfieldScotlandPrerog. admon. ext.1660T 808 p.6955
HamiltonJaneBallymena [Kirkinriola]Antrimwill & probate15/9/1830, 3/6/1831D 3027|6|1A, B
HamiltonJeanKillyleaghDownDown will ext.1700T 808 p.7187
HamiltonJaneRaphoeDonegaladmon. (I)28/11/1855D 867|9
HamiltonJaneBelfastAntrimConnor will ext.1821T 715
HamiltonJaneBelturbet [Annagh]CavanKilmore will ext.1727T 808 p.5514, T 581 vol.IV p.358
HamiltonJaneCarrenshigoMonaghan / Fermanagh (?)Clogher will ext.1726T 808|15311 p.6346, T 581 vol.IV p.306
HamiltonJaneStrabane [Camus / Urney]TyroneDerry will ext.1703T 808 p.7535
HamiltonJaneKillyleaghDownDown will ext.1700T 808 p.6028
HamiltonJohnFentonagh" [Donacavey]TyronePrerog. bond ext.1658T 808 p.7622
Hamilton - JonesThomas MMoneyglass HouseAntrimc. will1829D 1096|49
Hamilton(?)ChristopherKilmoreArmaghArmagh will & note of probate12/7/1842T 577|87

Protestant Householders
SurnameFirst NameParishBarony

Scottish Settlers in Ulster
SurnameFirst NameTownCountyOther Information
HamiltonAdamDownParish of Comber (Cattogs)
HamiltonAlexanderTullaghdonnell, RaphoeDonegalEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Donegal
HamiltonArchibaldMoyennerTyroneEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Tyrone
HamiltonArchibaldBrother of Lord Claneboy, Ballygrot, Bangor, 1616DownEstate of Lord Claneboy
HamiltonCaludeClericusTyroneEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Tyrone
HamiltonClaudeRaphoeDonegalEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Donegal
HamiltonClaudeTyroneEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Tyrone
HamiltonClaudiusTyroneEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Tyrone
HamiltonCom.BallyfattanTyroneEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Tyrone
HamiltonFrancisKeelough CastleCavanEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Cavan
HamiltonGawn73 acresDownBangor and Vicinity
HamiltonGawnBallyminitragh, BangorDownEstate of Lord Claneboy
HamiltonGeorgeBallymaghanDownEstate of Lord Claneboy
HamiltonHughGentTyroneEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Tyrone
HamiltonHughBallymenockDownEstate of Lord Claneboy
HamiltonHughMoyah (Gent)FermanaghEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Fermanagh
HamiltonHughMerchant-LoughneneasFermanaghEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Fermanagh
HamiltonHughLoughneas, LeckpatrickTyroneEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Tyrone
HamiltonJames75 acresDownParish Of Dundonald (Lisbredan)
HamiltonJamesMerchant, StrabaneTyroneEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Tyrone
HamiltonJamesBallywalterDownEstate of Lord Claneboy
HamiltonJamesDrumrayeFermanaghEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Fermanagh
HamiltonJamesTyroneLocation is unknown
HamiltonJamesTyroneClogher, Co. Tyrone
HamiltonJamesServant to Earl of AbercornTyroneEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Tyrone
HamiltonJanewife of aboveCavanEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Cavan
HamiltonJohnArmaghTennants of John Hamilton, Esq. Hamiltonsbawn, 1617
HamiltonJohnSeniorArmaghTennants of John Hamilton, Esq. Hamiltonsbawn, 1617
HamiltonJohnBalliganDownEstate of Lord Claneboy
HamiltonJohnThe Elder, DromanishArmaghTennants of John Hamilton, Esq. Hamiltonsbawn, 1617
HamiltonJohnRaphoeDonegalEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Donegal
HamiltonJohnLougheskDonegalEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Donegal
HamiltonJohnCavanWilliam Bailie's Leaseholders
HamiltonJohnson of PatrickTyroneEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Tyrone
HamiltonJohnEredyDonegalJames Cunningham's Tenants
HamiltonJohnCoronaryCavanEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Cavan
HamiltonJohnBrother of Lord Claneboy, Ballyrobert and Ballydavey, 1616DownEstate of Lord Claneboy
HamiltonMalcomCastletownFermanaghEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Fermanagh
HamiltonMarionLisdivinTyroneEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Tyrone
HamiltonPatrickClericus, Co. DownTyroneEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Tyrone
HamiltonPatrickand Eliza his wife. He was brother of Lord Claneboy, Granshaw, ComberDownEstate of Lord Claneboy
HamiltonQuintin59 acresDownBallygilbert
HamiltonRobertof the Raploch familyUndertakers
HamiltonRobertGent, Carricklee, UrneyDonegalEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Donegal
HamiltonRobertDownTown and Parks of Killyleagh(Rathcunningham)
HamiltonRobertU.D.TyroneEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Tyrone
HamiltonRobertCorrigTyroneEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Tyrone
HamiltonRobertArmaghTennants of John Hamilton, Esq. Hamiltonsbawn, 1617
HamiltonRobertArmaghTennants of John Hamilton, Esq. Hamiltonsbawn, 1617
HamiltonRobertBallynicholl, ComberDownEstate of Lord Claneboy
HamiltonRobert20 acresDownParish of Comber (Cattogs)
HamiltonRobert79 acresDownParish Of Dundonald (Ballyoran)
HamiltonRobertDerrynafogherFermanaghEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Fermanagh
HamiltonSaundersDownBangor and Vicinity
HamiltonThomasRathmullanDonegalEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Donegal
HamiltonWidow JoanWidow of James Cunningham, GortreeDonegalEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Donegal
HamiltonWilliamRubaneDownEstate of Lord Claneboy
HamiltonWilliamTrenta, TaughboyneDonegalEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Donegal
HamiltonWilliamLoughnakey, TullyfernDonegalEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Donegal
HamiltonWilliamMerchantTyroneEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Tyrone
HamiltonWilliam6 acresDownBallymaconnell and Ballyholm
HamiltonWilliam35 acresDownBangor and Vicinity
HamiltonWilliamGenrt. Ballyfattin, UrneyDonegalEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Donegal
HamiltonWilliamBallyclochanDownEstate of Lord Claneboy
HamiltonWilliamBangorDownEstate of Lord Claneboy
HamiltonWilliamGent. LoughskeineDonegalEarly Scots Settlers in the County of Donegal