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Matheson's Special Report
Graham Total births: 234

Princepally located in: Antrim, Down, Dublin, Dublin, Tyrone, Armagh and Monaghan.

Total Ulster: 166
Total Leinster: 28
Total Connaught: 5
Total Munster: 5

Fighters of Derry
SurnameFirst NamePage
GrahamJames179, 180

Subsidy Rolls
SurnameFirst NameAmount PaidTownlandParishBarony
GrahamWilliamTax of Goods £4 16 4Tobercorran Down ParishLecale
GrahamJamesTax of Goods £4 0 0Drumbo Drumbo ParishCastlereagh

Hearth Money Rolls
SurnameFirst NameTownlandParish
Graham AllexBallinmore
GrahamWilliamTobercorran Down Parish
GrahamJamesDrumbo Drumbo Parish
Graham John Lieut
GrahameThomasAugher Clogher Parish
GrahameRodgerScreeby Clogher Parish
Grahame William Gabally Cappagh Parish
GrahameJohnBeltany Cappagh Parish
GrahamesJohnDowra Kilckeery Parish

Muster Rolls
EstateUndertakerSurnameFirst NameArms
DunluceEarl of AntrimGrahamJohnNo Armes
KilconwayEarl of AntrimGrahamFargusNo Armes
MassereeneSir John ClotworthyGrahamDavidNo Armes

Pre-1858 Wills
SurnameFirst NameAreaCountyDocumentDatePRONI Ref
GrahamJames Dr.will epitome with codicil1853D 812|79 & 80
GrahamSarahDelhiIndiaoriginal will & declaration27/4/1835 & 21/4/1834D 812|73
GrahamSamuelGlenwhirryAntrimc. will15/5/1824D 300|1|5|68
GrahamJosephKillyquinn [Donaghmore]Tyronewill & probate28/2/1852D 1522|12|1
GrahamJosephKillyquinn [Donaghmore]Armaghwill28/12/1846T 577|100
GrahamJohnGlenwhirryAntrimwill & probate5/5/1835D 1902|1|13
GrahamJohnGlenwhirryAntrimwill & grant5/11/1819D 1902|1|6
GrahamJohn DrMagherafeltL'derrycopy will31/12/1829T 2850|1|3
GrahamJohn Rev.HockleyArmaghArmagh will29/4/1743T 632|1
GrahamJames AlexanderMonaghanwill & probate1810-1910T 2929|41|3
GrahamJamesBallymore Allen [Kilbrittain?]Corkwill ext.9/4/1718T 996
GrahamHughBelfast [Shankill]Antrimc. will24/10/1817D 1769|72|2
GrahamHughBallyboley [Ballycor?]Antrimc. will & probate4/10/1834 & 9/7/1838D 300|1|5|134
GrahamFrancisGlennhenry(?)Antrimwill & probate16/5/1835 & 29/10/1844D 300|1|5|182
GrahamArthurAughacloy [Carnteel]Tyronewill17/1/1850T 579|22
GrahamArthurDublinDublinPrerog. (Cantab) will & grant14/1/1788T 579|2
GrahamWilliamLisburn [Blaris]AntrimProbate c. will4/2/1842D 812|76
GrahamJohnMagherafeltL'derryc. will31/12/1829T 477|1
GrahamWilliam Brig. Gen. [& Col. Of foot]c. Prerog. will & codicil19/7/1746T 524|10
GrahamWilliamLisburn [Blaris]AntrimConnor will & grant30//10/1850D 438|70
GrahamWilliamTroryFermanaghadmon.24/5/1834D 1084|20|3

Protestant Householders
SurnameFirst NameParishBarony

Scottish Settlers in Ulster
SurnameFirst NameTownCountyOther Information
GrahamThomasTyroneLocation is unknown