Calendars of patent rolls

The original Irish patent rolls, recording, among other things, grants of land or pardons issued, were destroyed in the Public Record Office, Dublin, in 1922. Fortunately, some of the material had been published in calendar form. Printed calendars have survived for the patent rolls of James I and the early part of the reign of Charles I.

The Calendar of the Patent Rolls of the Reign of James I was prepared under the direction of the Irish Record Commission prior to 1830 and was printed before the Commission closed. The Irish Manuscripts Commission published a facsimile of the printed calendar in 1966, but this publication is now out of print.

The Calendar of the Patent and Close Rolls of Chancery in Ireland, of the Reign of Charles the First: First to Eighth Year, Inclusive edited by James Morrin (Dublin, 1863) covers the period from 1625 to 1633. It can be read online at Google Books.