Protestant ministers

For the identity of ministers in Plantation Ulster in the early seventeenth century the works by Canon J.B. Leslie are indispensable. These are listed below and cover all of the dioceses in the escheated counties.

Armagh Clergy and Parishes (Dundalk, 1911) Read online here

Supplement to Armagh Clergy and Parishes (Dundalk, 1948)

Clogher Clergy and Parishes (Enniskillen, 1929) Read online here

Derry Clergy and Parishes (Enniskillen, 1937)

Raphoe Clergy and Parishes (Enniskillen, 1940)

Clergy of Kilmore, Elphin and Ardagh, revised, edited and updated by D.W.T. Crooks (Belfast, 2008)

Leslie’s meticulous research, much of it carried out in the old Public Record Office in Dublin before its destruction in 1922, means that it is possible to identify the names of those who served in parishes in Plantation Ulster. In many cases Leslie has been able to identify the probable English or Scottish origin for these ministers and details on their education.

For example, Rev. Gervase Walker, who was the rector of Badoney and Cappagh parishes in County Tyrone in 1622 and whose grandson George played a prominent role in the siege of Derry, was probably the son of Thomas Walker of Ruddington in Nottinghamshire. Leslie’s historical notes also provide invaluable historical information about each parish.

Rev. Robert Blair of Bangor’s autobiography can be read online.