George Hill’s Historical account of the Plantation in Ulster, first published in 1877 and recently reproduced as an e-book by the Ulster-Scots Agency, remains unsurpassed for the level of detail it contains, particularly in the footnotes.

The standard work on the settlements of Scots in early seventeenth-century Ulster is Michael Perceval Maxwell’s Scottish migration to Ulster in the reign of James I (1973). Among the most valuable aspects of his book are the appendices providing detailed biographical information on the Scottish undertakers and servitors in Ulster.

The Earl of Belmore’s Parliamentary Memoirs of Fermanagh and Tyrone, from 1613 to 1885 (1887) contains a huge amount of information, much of it derived from sources now lost, on those who represented these counties in the old Irish House of Commons, prior to 1801, and latterly the Westminster parliament. Read online here