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The following matrix explains the costs for credits, and the number of credits it will cost users for Birth, Marriage and Death (BMD) lookups. The more credits you buy, the greater the savings in terms of the unit cost per credit.

Cost £2 £4 £8 £16 £32 £48
No. of Credits 2 4 8 24 56 112
No. of lookups possible and cost per lookup when buying in bulk Guild 1 2 4 12 (£1.33) 28 (£1.14) 56 (£0.86)
Pay-As-You-Go - 1 2 6 (£2.66) 14 (£2.28) 28 (£1.71)

Significant discounts are available for bulk purchases.

Members of the Ulster Genealogical and Historical Guild (the Guild) enjoy substantial savings on the purchase of credits for Birth, Marriage, Death records.

In addition members of the Guild get free access to the Northern Irish Gravestone Inscriptions database, the Irish Parliament databases and privileged access to 200+ member-only databases, and a members’ area, which are not available to non-members.

Standard Credit Purchase

For users who are only searching for a single record, the most straightforward approach is to buy sufficient credits to view one record, i.e. a single ‘lookup’.

Example 1
A Guild member can view a single record (i.e. a ‘lookup’) for only 2 credits or in financial terms £2. The cost to a non-Guild member to view a single record (a lookup) is 4 credits or £4.

Bulk Purchase Offer

Users can buy credits in bulk which offer significant savings. For example users can purchase 24, 56 and 112 credits under the bulk buy offer. The more credits you buy the greater the saving.

Example 2
A non-Guild member can purchase 24 credits at a cost of £16 under the bulk buy offer which will enable you to view 6 records (i.e. 6 lookups) at a unit cost of £2.66 (a saving of 33.5% on the standard credit purchase).

Example 3
A Guild Member purchasing 112 credits under the scheme, which will cost £48, can use those credits to purchase 56 lookups, which works out at a unit cost of only 0.86 pence per record, or a huge 57% on the normal cost of credits for Guild members, and a massive 78.5% saving on the cost of a lookup under the normal standard cost of credits to non-Guild members.

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