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Exciting News from our Family History Conference!

Delegate Photo


We were thrilled so many of our delegates found new information on their Irish and Scots-Irish ancestors during our recent Family History Conference. We were even more pleased to hear that two of the delegates found that they were related!

Melanie's great, great grandfather David Ogilby was the brother of Mary Ann's great, great grandmother Sarah Ogilby! Melanie (on the right of the picture) is from Canada (her ancestor David emigrated to Carlton County, Ontario in 1842). Mary Ann (on the left) is from Australia (her ancestor Sarah Ogilby married a Walker and emigrated to Victoria, Australia in the 1850s).

Neither knew of each other's existence until they met on our family history conference! They're keen to connect with others descended from the Ogilby family (also spelt Ogilvie & Ogilvy). So it may not just be ancestors you discover on our conferences, it might also be living relatives! 🙂

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