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2018 Guild Membership Renewal Deadline

Please ignore this post if you have already renewed for the 2018 Guild year or if you have a multi-year subscription.

This post is a gentle reminder for those of you who have yet to renew your Guild membership or update your research interests that today is the deadline for inclusion in the 2018 Directory.

For those wishing to renew membership before the deadline, please do so via our website at

For those wishing to update research interests for inclusion in the 2018 Directory of Irish Family History Research, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Log in to your account on
  2. Click on the tab titled ‘Membership’
  3. Click on the tab titled ‘My Research Interests’
  4. Fill in the fields as requested
  5. At the bottom of the page click update interests

We request that all members update their information, including changes in address etc. BEFORE the end of today.

New Databases in our Members Area

One of the many benefits of Guild Membership is access to over 200 historical databases that are only available to members, and we have just added 10 more databases to that list. These contain over 17,000 new records that are only available to our Guild Members.

These new databases include:

  • A Directory of the Gentry in Banbridge in 1823
  • A List of People granted Freedom of the Corporation of Coleraine in 1832
  • A Subscriber List for the book Heterogenea or Medley for the Benefit of the Poor
  • A List of People Holding Railway Shares in any of the Irish Railways in 1847
  • A List of Members of Parliament in Co. Down from 1585-1885
  • A List of Mills on the Bann in 1837
  • A Petition to Parliament from Banbridge from 1828
  • Registers of Baptism from First Antrim Presbyterian Church from 1677-1733
  • Registers of Marriage from First Antrim Presbyterian Church from 1675-1736
  • Seapatrick Military Records from World War I

For more information on these databases and a list of all the databases we have available, please click here

These are just some of the organisations we have worked with, click here to view the full list
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