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Website Redevelopment Fund

As the world begins to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ulster Historical Foundation now finds itself in a drastically different place than when we launched our fundraising plan in March 2020. Whilst you can still support aspects of this fundraising plan (more information can be found here) we are starting our plan for recovery now with a massive overhaul and rebuild of the website and orientating the Foundation to ensure we are better placed for this new world, and to better serve you our genealogy community.

The website rebuild will be a complete reimaging: new, flexible and easy to use search functionality for online databases, and more new database content; an enhanced easily-accessed members’ area; space for webinars, online classes, courses, talks and live ‘Q&A’; plus a raft of new books and research resources, new online content, and a safe, interactive space to nurture our online community.

This won’t be cheap. We wish to allocate £30,000 to this project – we intend that it will be done to the highest specification we can plan and deliver. We are in the process of sourcing £15,000 of finance, but match funding is needed to release it. Already we have received a pledge of £5,000 from one donor. This gives us a head start of £20k, meaning we only need to raise £10,000 to achieve our goal.

Can you help?

Your help is vital, if the Foundation is to adapt it must overhaul its online resources. What we have done so successfully in the past – classes, courses, conferences – all depend on people being able to travel, to visit the archives, to come together as groups. We are preparing for a future where a lot of that may not be possible (at least for a while), and by doing so we want to exploit to the full those resources within our control, and give better access to the expertise of our staff and research team.

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Website Redevelopment Fund

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