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Building For The Future – Our Five-Year Building Fund

In March 2020 the Foundation is relocating to premises at Kiltonga near Newtownards, County Down. The move has been forced on us for the simple reason that commercial rents in Belfast are just too expensive for many non-profits. That said, the move to Kiltonga offers us new opportunities.

Situated only 20 minutes from the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, the new location has considerable potential to allow the Foundation to grow and develop, especially with regard to our library and research collections. There is ample parking on site for visitors and we are located close to the main bus route to and from Belfast.

The need to relocate, however, does flag up a major recurring issue: remaining within the rental sector means that we must grapple with this issue every five years, when the rent review is due. The Foundation wishes to end such a peripatetic existence and all the uncertainty, disruption and upheaval such periodic moves bring to the organisation.

Therefore we are launching a Five-Year Building Plan to find a permanent home for the Foundation to accommodate staff, the growing research library, and to provide a facility that our members can enjoy using. Will you help us achieve that?

Bradley Thallon House

The Foundation is moving to Bradley Thallon House, Kiltonga – a building on two floors comprising just over 3000 square feet – more than the present location and much better configured. We plan to create our Genealogy Hub and research suite on the first floor, a superb space which we believe will allow members and visitors to enjoy and benefit from our considerable library and digital assets.

While Bradley Thallon House may not become the Foundation's permanent home our Board of Trustees have made the decision to seek to purchase a property as a longer-term aim. Hence our Five-Year Building Plan: the board wishes to put our future on a more secure footing.

Our Building Fund Goal Plan

Our Building Fund target is £350,000. We are ambitious but realistic. We want to secure a suitable home that will allow us to serve members and family historians at home and abroad. We hope to achieve it through our Goal Plan – pledges of varying levels that we will work hard to build over a five-year period.

We are delighted to say, we have started on that journey already. To date we have secured pledges of £22,500 or 6.5% of the overall target.

Our goal plan is as follows:

Amount - Achieved By

£50,000 - 1 Gift of £50,000

£50,000 - 2 Gifts of £25,000

£37,500 - 3 Gifts of £12,500

£30,000 - 3 Gifts of £10,000

£22,500 - 3 Gifts of £7,500

£50,000 - 10 Gifts of £5,000

£25,000 - 10 Gifts of £2,500

£15,000 - 10 Gifts of £1,500

£20,000 - 20 Gifts of £1,000

£25,000 - 50 Gifts of £500

£18,750 - 75 Gifts of £250

£10,000 - 100 Gifts of £100

Can you see yourself somewhere in our Goal Plan?

While large pledges will accelerate us successfully to our Goal, small pledges matter too. Irrespective of a donor's circumstances, every penny counts. And as yields on deposit accounts continue to improve, pledges banked early will accumulate interest over the life of the Plan.

If you would like to support our Plan but have already made commitments to other good causes, you can make a pledge over several years if you wish to spread the commitments, eg:

£1,500 for 3 years = £4,500

£500 over 5 years = £2,500

Remember too, the benefits of tax efficient giving via the Irish American Partnership's Designated Giving program. In addition, IAP can also accept donations of shares and other financial instruments, as well as cash gifts, on behalf of a designated partner such as the Foundation (see back page).

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