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New Ross

New Ross's earliest charter dates back to 1302, 28 Edw. I, and a succession of charters followed, mainly granting commercial privileges. Its corporation consisted of a sovereign and an indefinite number of free burgesses and freemen, 'all honorary, 3,000 inhabitants. Patrons, Mr Tottenham and Mr Leigh. A large town but venal and rotten.' The two families probably made the return for it throughout the century. When Robert Leigh (1222) was first returned for New Ross in 1759 it was said that 'He had half the borough and a good estate.' He then sat continuously until the Union, when he won the Union ballot. In 1790 it was stated that: 'New Ross is an excellent port, situated on the River Barrow below its conflux with the Nore and lying in a rich neighbourhood, it enjoys a considerable degree of trade. But the inhabitants, tho' wealthy and numerous, have no share whatever in the election of their nominal representatives.' In 1791 it was described as 'a close Borough, the joint property of the two Members. Mr Tottenham (2089) has an office and goes with his relation Lord Loftus. Mr Leigh may almost be considered as one of the Loftus Party, his son (1218) being returned upon the Loftus interest, for the town of Wexford.'438 The Leighs and the Tottenhams were intermarried and after the Union they returned their nominees - usually members of their families - alternately.

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