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Fore appears to have been a borough by prescription: the Rolls Office issued a negative certificate to the Commissioners for Union Compensation.418 In 1783 it was said to comprise '13 Burgesses, non-resident. Not more than 50 inhabitants. Patron and proprietor, Lord Westmeath.' In 1790 it was described as follows:

This close Borough has invariably been under the dominion of the family of the Earls of Westmeath. Its electors consist but of twelve Burgesses, whom the Earl nominates and consequently appoints its representatives. Unless when honoured with the representation of Lord Viscount Delvin, his eldest son, it is a saleable commodity and increases the income, if not the political consequence, of this noble head of the ancient family of Nugent.419

In 1798 the Marquess of Downshire bought Fore from the financially straitened Earls of Westmeath for £14,000 (this was said to be the price - certainly he bought Fore and half of Carlingford for £21,000). Thomas Burgh (0284), who sat for Fore from February to August 1800, attempted to claim compensation for loss of his seat.420 This was evidently not allowed; the full compensation of £15,000 was paid to the Marquess of Downshire.

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