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Enniskillen was enfranchised by a charter of 10 James I (1613), which had been immediately preceded by a grant of lands to William Cole. Enniskillen retained a seat at the Union. At the time of the 1830s inquiry into municipal corporations, its corporation comprised 15 members, all friends or connections of the Earl of Enniskillen (0441), including himself, his son, his brother, his nephew, his land agent, his family physician and people connected with him in the government of the county or his militia regiment, three clerical friends and one secular friend. The influence of the Earl of Enniskillen was still 'paramount', as that of his ancestors had been since the enfranchisement of the borough 220 years before. In 1790 it was said that 'This borough is the private property of the Earl of Enniskillen (0444) and the twelve burgesses its sole electors, are the confidential trustees of his appointment, who submissively elect those parliamentary higglers that have bid highest for the noble lord's recommendation.' Interestingly, this was the borough that Grattan (0895) purchased when, in 1783, he wished to be independent from Lord Charlemont. It was the undisputed 'property' of the Cole family throughout the eighteenth century. Enniskillen retained one seat after the Union.

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