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Petition from the inhabitants of Bangor, Co. Down relating to the Act of Union, 31 January 1800

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This list of names (no specific locations beyond Bangor) first appeared in Directory of Irish Family History Research number 29 (2006) and was inputted by David Keane & Ronnie Hastings.

"The Act of Union was passed in 1800 and came into force on 1 January 1801. The Irish parliament was abolished and henceforth Irish MPs represented their constituents at Westminster. During the debates associated with this, petitions both for and against the Act of Union were drawn up across Ireland. Some of these petitions were county-based, while others were from parishes or manors. Several were published in the Belfast Newsletter in 1799-1800, as follows. The following list of over 200 names of inhabitants from the parish of Bangor in County Down appeared in the Newsletter on 31 January 1800."

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