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Spirit Grocers in Ireland, 1838-1844

Spirit Grocers were licensed to sell intoxicating liquor, a function that they often combined with a normal grocery business. This list contains the names and addresses of almost 1,000 registered spirit grocers from throughout Ireland (as arranged by Excise District) along with details of the value of their houses and the cost of the license. […]

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Scutch Mills of Ireland, 1876

Scutching is the stage in linen manufacturing that spans agriculture and industry. A scutcher received flax stems from the farmer and by holding the stems against a rapidly revolving beech-wood paddle removed the husks to leave the valuable flax fibres. Scutchers tended to be community based and served a relatively small area. Most were farmers […]

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Post Offices in Ireland, 1876

This database lists the names of every postmaster / postmistress in Ireland along with the full postal address and County of the Post Office. From Thom’s Directory 1876.

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Persons Holding Firearms on the Abercorn Estate, 1745

This database is the result of a survey of tenants living on the Abercorn Estate in 1745 in the areas of Derrygoon and Leckpatrick. The list provides details of the person, their place of residence and the type and condition of the guns held. Compiled by Dr William Roulston.

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Pawnbrokers Registered in Ireland, 1832-1833

This database contains details for a number of pawnbrokers in Ireland. The information provided in this database includes: full name, town, date of registration, tickets issued, total sum lent, and comments. The comments field is particularly useful as it lists those pawnbrokers who have passed away or been refused a licence. From British Parliamentary Papers: […]

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Pawnbrokers of Belfast, 1836

This list of licensed pawnbrokers operating in Belfast in 1836 was compiled by the government as part of a survey into registering and regulating pawnbrokers. The pawnbroker was a central figure in many societies, providing ready access to cash for people within the community. Goods placed with the pawnbroker could be redeemed at any time […]

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Merchants and Traders of Monaghan Town, 1865

This is a trade’s directory for Monaghan town from 1865 and records the names, addresses and occupations of merchants and traders who were operating in the town at that time. From Belfast & Province of Ulster Directory. Compiled by William Hull.

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Merchants and Traders of Lurgan, 1824

This database lists the merchants and traders who were operating in Lurgan in 1824 as recorded in Pigot’s Directory of the same year. From Pigots Directory. Compiled by William Hull.

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Merchants and Traders of Belfast, 1865

A list of the merchants and tradesmen working in the city of Belfast. The database gives full names, addresses and occupations.

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O’Shaughnessy Birth, Marriage & Death Records, 1845-1903

These are the list of births, marriages and deaths for the O’Shaughnessy/Shaughnessy family in Ireland. The birth records range from 1864 to 1903. The marriage records range from 1845 to 1901 (Note: the marriage records, ranging from 1845 to 1863, are Church of Ireland records only). The death records range from 1864 to 1902. From […]

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