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Names of those Attainted by James II, 1689

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In 1689 an 'Act for the Attainder of Divers Rebels, and for Preserving the Interest of Loyal Subjects' was passed in the Irish parliament. It listed the names of Irish Protestants considered by the government of James II to be disloyal to the king. Most of those listed were members of the landed gentry or freeholders. The names of those attainted (i.e. found guilty of treason) were published in 'The State of the Protestants of Ireland under the late King James's Government' by William King (Dublin, 1713).

In the column marked Code the references stand for: I Persons who have notoriously joined in the late rebellion; II Persons who have absented themselves from this kingdom since 5 Nov last; III Persons who absented themselves before 5 Nov last; IV Persons absent because of sickness, infirmity, etc. The list include people from across the island of Ireland.

From Names of those attainted by James II, 1689, compiled by Dr Jean Agnew.

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