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Armagh Wills to 1 August 1838

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A list of testators of wills probated in the diocese of Armagh to 1 August 1838.

The compiler of the database, our Australian agent Terry Eakin, points out that it contains a number of illegible surnames, first names and/or place-names. These have been indicated by a question mark (?) in the database. The information in the square brackets after the residence is the postulated standardised spelling of the place-name. In many cases this is merely a suggestion and should not be interpreted as being totally accurate.

Similarly the column titled 'Civil Parish(es)' is the suggested parish on the basis of the place-name. If anyone using this database has local knowledge that clarifies the correct spelling and location of the place-names in this database we would be pleased to hear from you.

From Index to Wills Probated in the Diocese of Armagh. Compiled by Terry Eakin.

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