Titanic Dry Dock and Pump House

Nowhere else on earth can bring you this close to Titanic – the world’s most famous liner, built here in Belfast. She sat here in this very dry dock on the eve of her first and last voyage in April of 1912.

At Titanic’s Dry Dock, you have a unique opportunity to explore the site where Titanic last rested on dry ground and absorb the authenticity of her physical footprint in history. What else could compare to standing where she stood on the centenary of her birth?

Descend 44ft into Titanic’s Dock - follow in the footsteps of Titanic’s builders and marvel at her size as you walk along the original keel blocks where she rested in 1912. Then you can explore Titanic’s Pump-House - amongst the massive pumps and gargantuan hydraulic accumulator, you can still hear the echoes of the men whose labour built the ship. Finally, complete your day with a tour - immerse yourself in Titanic’s history as you explore the site with one of the enjoyable, educational and award-winning tours.

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Titanic Dry Dock and Pumping House