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This is an outstanding program with excellent resource leaders. It is friendly and personal, with attention to individual needs. The program is varied and always interesting, with a nice mix of learning about Northern Ireland and migration, seeing the beautiful landscape, and exploring the towns, with opportunity for personal research. We really loved it!

Bill and Lynn Godwin, New Mexico, USA

I thoroughly enjoyed the Autumn School and the opportunity to meet others who share my interest in researching their Ulster heritage. Having access to academics was a huge benefit and advanced my research. Not only were they experts, but they were approachable and interested in our individual research challenges. The visits to the various sites of historical interest and the commentary on the bus were also enjoyable and enriched the whole experience. Thanks!

Virginia MacLatchey, Ontario, Canada

High level of staff expertise, friendly and helpful for own research, good accommodation.

Donald McIlhagga, Northumberland, England

I have brought home memories and understanding of Ireland which could only be acquired by attending the Autumn School based in Omagh.  The organizers took us to historical sites and told us from their own expertise the significance of what we were seeing.  They presented us with opportunities to understand the history of the Ireland our ancestors left, and that of their families and neighbours who stayed.

Roberta Wood, Ontario, Canada

The Autumn School is a great asset to anyone who is interested in their genealogy, discovering the history of their Northern Ireland ancestors and the migration of Irish and/or Scotch-Irish ancestors to North America.

Maria Orr, Hawaii, USA

The Autumn School provided me with an excellent opportunity to research my ancestors and to gather the necessary tools needed to continue my search for Irish ancestors with the bonus of visiting places in N. Ireland I would never have gone to, learning about the history of the area and how my ancestors may have lived.

Jessica Orr, Hawaii, USA

Dr Roulston’s daily program was well designed and at week’s end I had a good understanding of the history of the people in my past.  His knowledge, and that of his team, is precise and remarkable.  The efforts of everyone involved made for a rich and thoroughly enjoyable learning vacation.

Stella Trainor, Ontario, Canada

I wanted to spend time in Northern Ireland, the land of my ancestors, and not just a day or tour while on a tour of Ireland.  This class and tour was organized by the local historical experts and combined research at PRONI with local tours to Londonderry, Glenelly and Rathmullan among others.  This is the only class and tour of this sort I know and you will enjoy being with others from Australia, Scotland, and America with similar interests.

Joan Lutz, California, USA

I recommend the Autumn School to assist family history researchers with Ulster Scots ancestors to extend their understanding and knowledge of the history, the culture, and the effects of migration on the lives of their ancestors.

Guy Lafontaine, Ontario, Canada

[What did you enjoy most?] Meeting people with common interests from various parts of the world; visiting various locations and hearing about the historical significance; interacting with local people; learning about the resources available; feeling completely at ease during the entire time away from home.

Evelyn Reid, Ontario, Canada