The following programme will give you an idea of the range of activities that delegates will be able to engage in during the week. While we do not envisage any major changes, there may be some tweaks before the final programme is issued.

  • Tuesday

    12.00 | Welcome and introductions at Drummond Hotel
    12.30 | Buffet lunch
    13.30 | Genealogy workshops
    17.30 | Reception and opening lecture by Dr Mary Wack
    19.30 | Dinner at Drummond Hotel

  • Wednesday

    09.30 | Lectures at the Drummond Hotel on the story of immigration and the Roe Valley
    12.30 | Lunch
    13.30 | Outing to locations of interest in the Dungiven area
    18.00 | Dinner at Dungiven Castle
    19.30 | Q&A session with local townland experts

  • Friday

    09.30 | Lectures at the Drummond Hotel on the story of emigration and the Roe Valley
    12.30 | Lunch
    13.30 | Outing to Roe Valley Country Park and other locations in Limavady area
    18.00 | Dinner at Drummond Hotel
    20.00 | Evening entertainment