Read what some of the participants said about the 2012 Summer School

Melanie McLennan – Ontario, Canada

Over the past three years I’ve sincerely appreciated the effort made by Dr. William Roulston and Dr. Allan Blackstock to introduce new areas of study in Irish history & politics each year. The effect is like a lantern where the whole room is lit up but certain areas (themes) are more illuminated and put into focus. Move the lantern and another topic comes into the light.

Mary Anne Hamilton – Illinois, USA

I couldn’t have planned a better trip. I gained a lot of experience with Irish genealogical sources at PRONI and online. The visits to museums and historical homes and sites were both instructive and entertaining; they gave me a different perspective on my ancestors’ lives before they emigrated to the United States. I want to come back!

Caren Baroudy – Alberta, Canada

Summer school was excellent. Very well organized. Staff were very friendly, accommodating – went out of their way to ensure we all had a memorable trip and were able to meet some of our research needs. They didn’t want us coming home empty handed!

Diane Crothers – New York, USA

This was a well-planned and executed introduction to Ulster genealogy with knowledgeable and helpful presenters on topics of great interest to those seeking to combine an historical context with the specifics of a genealogical quest.

Judy Orr – Ontario, Canada

This experience enriched me personally and enhanced my ancestral story. It was not just about finding names and places, but putting context around the lives of those who came before us. I came home feeling a bond to Northern Ireland that I had not had before attending this program.

Grayson Parks – Florida, USA

An absolutely wonderful experience! The warm and friendly staff helped demystify the process of searching Irish records and gave me the tools to continue my search on-line. In addition, the lectures and tours painted a vivid picture of the conditions in which my ancestors lived and the issues which prompted them to migrate. I hope to return soon.

Linda Davis – Ontario, Canada

The 2012 summer school was the perfect opportunity to carry out research at PRONI with expert guidance from the helpful and knowledgeable course instructors. The excursions provided unique insight into the history and heritage of Northern Ireland and it was rewarding to share the enthusiasm of experts and fellow students. Overall, the summer school was a first-rate learning experience that was tailored to suit the interests of everyone who attended. I will definitely enrol another year … this exceeded my expectations but there is more to learn!