Tracing your Irish Ancestors Conference 1Trace your Irish and Scots-Irish ancestors and learn about the history of Ireland and your ancestors’ lives and migration experiences first-hand through assisted research with our expert genealogists in the Belfast and Dublin archives, complemented by excursions through Ireland’s beautiful landscape to some of her most historic sites.

Tour Locations

The Rings of Gullian are just one of the many attractions you can see during our Tracing your Irish Ancestors ConferenceInformation on some of the sights and research institutions you will be visiting.

Guides & Speakers

A talk being delivered to participants at a previous Tracing your Irish Ancestors ConferenceLearn about your Irish ancestors’ lives, experiences and the history of Ulster with our experts.

About Us

Research Director Dr William Roulston assists a at a previous Tracing your Irish Ancestors ConferenceLearn more about the Ulster Historical Foundation and our previous conferences.

  • Testimonials

    “This experience enriched me personally and enhanced my ancestral story. It was not just about finding names and places, but putting context around the lives of those who came before us. I came home feeling a bond to Northern Ireland that I had not had before attending this program.”

    Judy Orr – Ontario, Canada

  • Testimonials

    “This conference was jampacked with helpful historical information and the leaders were very knowledgeable and helpful.”

    Dolores Osborne – California, USA

  • Testimonials

    “I couldn’t have planned a better trip. I gained a lot of experience with Irish genealogical sources at PRONI and online. The visits to museums and historical homes and sites were both instructive and entertaining; they gave me a different perspective on my ancestors’ lives before they emigrated to the United States. I want to come back!”

    Mary Anne Hamilton – Illinois, USA